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What can I do with the QR Barcode

QR Barcode Smart Phone Mobile Technology

Higher Images, Inc. announces the addition of QR Barcode system within Search Magnet Local ™ (SML). This gives SML clients the ability to utilize this powerful system to connect users to their clients specials, promotions  and videos quickly and effectively.  Initially used for tracking parts by vehicle manufactures, QR Barcodes are now used in a much broader context.  Both commercial tracking applications and convenience-oriented applications aimed atSmart Mobile Phone Users (known as mobile tagging) are quickly becoming hot applications for mobile marketing.

Business owners can print out or save the QR Barcode that connects any Smart Cell Phone user with a Barcode Scanner to a mobile version of Search Magnet Local. T his ability to immediately display a video commercial or online specials creates an immediate call to action and impulse to buy.  The QR Barcode is also downloadable to an image file that businesses owners can use for multiple forms of Media Marketing to include; print advertisement, television advertisement or local business display advertisement. 

QR Barcode Below

QR Codes can be created with QR Code Generators. The QR Code Generator takes the information; URL, Phone Number, SMS Msg or Text and converts it to a 2d image that you can download or print.

Search Magnet Local with Higher Images has developed a Free QR Code Generator that you can use for free!