Tonight’s performance of “Without Ruth” was fabulous. Virginia did a beautiful job writing the play and the actresses poured their hearts into their parts and kept us all captivated. This season has been a lot of fun and this was a beautiful Grand Finale! We are truly looking forward to next season. Carol Shehab, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Thank you all for an amazing experience last night. I have never been so entranced by a stage production in my life-I was nearly in tears.The quality of the sets and the acting were honestly unexpected. I expected good, what I got was mind-blowing. Everything was absolutely fantastic. Thank you so very much. As an English major I do not run out words often, but last nights performance left me utterly speechless. I am looking forward to a return trip.

Evid Miller, Morgantown, WV

Off The Wall is truly an ambitious little art theater that has a big appetite for plays that are quite challenging.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

First Class Professional Actors in high quality performances.

Pittsburgh City Paper, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

EXPLORE NEW THEATRICAL FRONTIERS AT OFF THE WALL PRODUCTIONS: If you sort of like theater, you visit the Cultural District now and then. If you really like theater, your frontiers expand to Oakland and South Side. But if you truly know your stuff, you may have discovered a hidden gem in Washington, Pa.: Off the Wall Productions. 

Pittsburgh Magazine, Pittsburgh, PA

There is a gem in Washington called Off The Wall Theater. ” … alternative theater for grown-ups….”

Out Online, Pittsbugrh, PA

Oh my goodness! I saw the production of 'Agnes of God' over the weekend and it was simply amazing. It was so intense and very well directed. The venue is beautiful and such a wonderful surprise for little Washingotn, PA! I was very impressed with off the wall theatre and look forward to attending many more productions in the future. .... again, what a great experience this weekend was! 

Kimberly Katruska, Washington, PA

I was pleasantly surprised and pleased by Off the Wall's production values and choice of material. I just attended the opening night of THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED and loved the play - it plays a lot better than it reads, and I'd never seen it before. Good choice - and risky material for Washington! 

Ingrid Sonnichsen, Pittsburgh, PA

It was a sunny relaxing drive out to Washington. When I arrived at the theatre, I was happily surprised to see the posters of past shows on the walls, shows that were daring and risque, shows I always had read about in school in New York, but were hard to come across at my level there. Shows more obscure, intriguing, and daring than I would expect in such a quaint Americana town. 

Lauren Michaels, Pittsburgh, PA

Just left the Saturday night performance. We were blown away!! What a great show!! 

Rebecca S. Herron, Pittsburgh, PA

I saw this play last Friday & it was amazing. The venue is awesome too! And I like the principles that the production company stands for. All around awesomeness!! Daniel Hagan, Carnegie, PA 15106

Loved it, laughed until my stomache hurt. Great cast, great production. It was one of the best I've seen at Off the Wall. Congratulations to everyone involved. It was a great night of entertainment. A play that is worth seeing more than once.

Geraldine Dobscha, Washington, PA 15301

" And Baby Makes Seven" Great play - great acting!

Kathy McCully Cameron, Washington, PA 15301

RUN don't walk to see Off the Wall Productions' AND BABY MAKES SEVEN. Total Tressa Glover tour de force. Brava!

Carol Mullen, Pittsburgh 15218

I took my teenage daugter to "And Baby Makes Seven", not knowing what to expect.  We were both blown away - the actors, the story and the production were all amazing.  If you love theater, you will love Off The Wall - it's like Broadway outside of Pittsburgh!  

Bryan, Bridgeville, PA 15017

Tonight’s performance was spectacular.  Everyone did a fabulous job!!  Your wife is a very talented and beautiful actress.  We thoroughly enjoyed the evening and are looking forward to many more performances.

Carol $ Rich Shehab, Pittsburgh, PA

I just saw "Gruesome Playground Injuries", incredible story about a lifelong and changing relationship between two childhood friends, incredible acting, wonderful set, see it if you can!

Bernadette E. Kazmarski, Pittsburgh, PA

 Great performances, wonderful direction. So glad I dug the car out to go and see it!
John Gresh, Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh: go see Off The Wall Theater's production on Andrea Lepcio's beautiful play Looking for the Pony directed by Robyne Parrish with the three redheads Karen Baum, Daina Griffith and Theo Allyn giving moving performances. Bring tissues. Tammy Ryan, Pittsburgh, PA

Congratulations to a beautiful cast and crew of "Looking for the Pony" at Off the Wall in Carnegie. It's a touching, hilarious and all around beautiful performance by a beautiful cast, director and crew. Kudos to Off the Wall for this stellar show. Nancy Mimless, Pittsburgh, PA

Saw an amazing play last night at Off the Wall THeater in Carnagie. If you get the chance, go see Looking For The Pony. It has an amazing cast, director and production. I laughed and cried ( the whole human experience) This one is a must see. Naomi Grodin, Pittsburgh, PA

Great play. Could not have pick a more perfect set of actors. Funny and profound! Can't say enough. Chris Duerr, Pittsburgh, PA

Looking For The Pony at Off The Wall is a beautiful piece of theatre. Go see it. Book now. Pittsburgh deserves this kind of work. Not to be missed. Alan Stanford, Pittsburgh, PA

The play is magnificent. It far exceeded my expectations. Linda is a gem and Virginia is a wonderful playwright. I thoroughly enjoyed last evening's performance and was blown away. Dave Zuchoswki, Washington, PA 15301

OTW is an artist-centric haven for actors, directors, writers and designers. Their mission statement is female- focused...something that truly sets them apart from other local theaters. Their ambitious move from Washington PA to being a major player in the growing arts community in Carnegie PA was nothing short of astounding as they transformed a former business building into a theatre mecca at breakneck speed, placing them in a greatly enhanced position to best serve the artists and audiences of Pgh and the surrounding region. Adrienne Wehr, Pittsburgh, PA

The Whale "This is a fabulous production, a very smart play well done!" Linda Wallen, Pittsburgh, PA

Amy and I went to see the "Whale" at Off the Wall last night. Really, really good. We enjoyed it thoroughly. Ben Bonham, Carnegie, PA 15106

I went last week and I'm STILL thinking about it. Like when you read a REALLY good book that just stays with you, and makes you think, question, and wonder. Such a gem of a theater. Linda D'Angelo, Carnegie, PA 15106

"WOW----The Whale now playing at the Off the Wall Theater in Carnegie is a really powerful, wonderful production. Humor, drama, and exceptional acting." Lonnie Jantsch, Pittsburgh, PA

An exquisite piece of theater...from the most realistic set to the people on stage living out their life not aware that the audience exists...If you haven't seen it...give your soul a treat and go! Jill Marsh Keating, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

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