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Thank you so much for all of your help. I am totally “pain free”. I am still amazed at how quickly I was able to get some relief from my neck pain. I have been so busy that I wasn’t able to follow-up, but just know that I am so pleased with my outcome. I wish you much success with your practice, continue doing what you’re doing and it’s guaranteed!

Michele, Warminster, PA 18974

With your knowledge and guidance I will be able to fly once more! Thank you!

Russ, Warrington, PA 18976

I was referred to Frank McCabe about a problem that I had been dealing with in the upper left side of my back for 5 years. This pain made my job as a hairstylist harder and harder to handle. I had been advised by previous physicians and chiropractors to change my profession. Frank addressed my history and came up with a strategy to deal with my problem which was a bulged disc in my neck. After one week of treatment by Frank I was pain free! He taught me to move my neck in a way that brought the disc back to a position that would not give me as much referred pain in my back. I am thankful to finally be pain free!

A.I., Jamison, PA 18929

I just wanted to thank you again for improving the quality of my life. After going to other therapists who were unable to help me I was fortunate to have been sent to you. After only a few sessions I started to see improvement from my tennis elbow and am now symptom free. You certainly are in a league of your own. If I even know anyone who needs a physical therapist I would not hesitate to recommend you.

G.S., Landsdale, PA 19446

I basically came to see Frank to avoid a second surgery for a ruptured L5 disc. I had no pain after my first surgery but the disc ruptured again after 7 months. I could have had a second surgery, but if there was a third recurrence I would need a fusion according to my doctor. I wanted to avoid that if at all possible. I had been doing exercises from a sciatica handbook but getting no relief. Frank taught me the correct exercises and after 12 visits my calf, ankle and buttock pain was completely gone. When I first came to Frank I could hardly walk without pain. I was wearing the brace I got after my surgery just to get through the day. Pain pills do nothing for nerve pain. A few of the exercises were uncomfortable, but as I repeated them at home at least three times a day the pain gradually disappeared. I would highly recommend physical therapy. You have to learn the CORRECT EXERCISES FOR YOUR CONDITION and Frank will guide you through that process. He will not allow you to do anything that will increase your pain. In closing, do the exercises faithfully, be patient, and I hope you have the same success I had.

B.W., Philadelphia, PA 19154

For 6 months I had experienced severe pain in the region of my right hip. I had been evaluated by a neurologist, a physiatrist, an orthopedist I had had two epidurials and one nerve block in addition, I had had a course of physical therapy at a very reputable place. All of the above were to no avail. In desperation I came to McCabe Physical Therapy. Mr. McCabe diagnosed my hip problem on my first evaluation visit. He worked to alleviate my pain and then made it possible for me to ask for an x-ray. As a result, the x-ray changed my diagnosis from pre-existing back problems (scoliosis, stenosis) to a new hip replacement problem. I am having my surgery in two days and will come back for some more excellent physical therapy.

E.C.M., Philadelphia, PA 19154

Recently I had two episodes of vertigo. The first episode was treated by my doctor with medication. It took approximately one week for the condition to go away. The second episode was treated at McCabe Physical Therapy. They had me on a table and maneuvered my head and neck in various positions which cured the vertigo instantly.

G.S., Southampton, PA 18966

I had a slight tear of my anterior tibialis tendon and was instructed, by my doctor, to go to McCabe & Brady Physical Therapy.  I was able to make an appointment the same day I called.  As an avid runner, I was very eager to resume trainning.  After only three visits, I was running with minor pain  and was running pain free in 31 days.  I was able to achieve my goal of running 42 miles PAIN FREE.

Thank You


J. R., Warrington, PA 18976

I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with my experience and McCabe and Brady Physical Therapy.  Despite having gone to other facilities for physical therapy, my plantar fasciitis was not improved and I was discharged.  Treatment at your office was different.  The manual therapy and treatment I received was directed at my tendon problem and despite plateaus and discouraging moments, they did not write me off.

I am feeling so much better than when I first started and am very appreciative and grateful for all your help

B.S., Hatboro, PA 19040

I am an avid runner and recently injured my low back while trainning for a race.  I was nervous that I was not going to be able to participate in the race because of my back pain.  I was referred to McCabe and Brady physical therapy and within two visits, I was feeling better and in four visits, my pain was gone.  I was very skeptical about the therapy process but now am a firm believer.  I am very happy to know that they are here to keep me on my feet; running.

Thanks again for all you do!



M.H., Ambler, PA 19002

I injured the back of my foot and thought it was achillies tendinitis and attempted to self treat.  My pain worsened and I had a difficult time walking.  At that point, I went to McCabe and Brady physical therapy.  My, self diagnosis, was wrong and I actually had posterior impingement.  After a few treatments of manual therapy, my pain was significantly better.  I was instructed in specific self treatment techniques to fix my pain when I was not in therapy.  I have been pain free ever since and back to running and biking.

J.E., Chalfont, PA 18914

After struggling with pain in my neck and shoulder for close to a year, I finally gave in and went to my G.P.  She recommended PT and gave me the name of McCabe & Brady Phys. Therapy.  I made an appt. that day.

After 5 short weeks, the proper physical therapy and the tools to manage flair ups, I am pain free.  I thank the staff @ McCabe & Brady for helping me achieve a painfree existance.  All I can say is I should've tried PT sooner and I am happy I came here.

DGB, Horsham, PA 19044

I have known Mr. McCabe for quite sometime.  He has helped me through an episode of low back pain and a seperate incident of neck pain.  However, the most unique experience was when I was so dizzy, that I could not drive.  My wife drove me to McCabe and Brady Physical Therapy and in only two visits, Mr. Brady abolished my vertigo.  As long as they are still around, I will always have some one to put me back together.

T.D., Doylestown, PA 18902

I cannot believe the work you did. I really did not think my mother would be able to walk as well as she did. She is better than ever. I attribute that to you! Thank you!

Roselee, Warwick, PA 18974

Everyone was very helpful, and ensured that my injuries would become as recovered as possible. I enjoyed my visits and believe I have been successful in overcoming my pain. Lynnsey, Warminster, PA 18974

My physical therapist, Kady, was awesome. Not only was she extremely attentive but she has a great personality! My ankle is 98% better! The rest of the staff is very friendly and you certainly run an excellent facility. S.M., Warwick, PA 18974

The Staff were very professional and friendly to work with. They made it enjoyable to attend the sessions and I appreciate all their patience and work. I would highly recommend your physical therapy facility. Thank you for everything! W.B., Warminster, PA 18974

First-rate treatment at all levels- warm, friendly, and welcoming environment. Confident and knowledgeable consultation; excellent "bedside manner" and care. Goes above and beyond, immediately responding to patient feedback. Very flexible and accommodating. HIGHLY recommended- Thank you for getting me back to health! A.I., Chalfont, PA 18914

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