I was skeptical at first, free loan?  But I paid it back on my next pay and it was totally free.  There was no fine print, no pressure.  I tell all my friends about Grace Period.

Pat D, Pittsburgh, PA

"I highly recommened working with these people from Grace Period if you are in need of  a cash advance quickly.  As a member of Allegheny Center Alliance Church, these are trustworthy workers who will not hit you with hidden fees later down the road.  They are there to help you, not take your money."

Melissa R., Pittsburgh, PA 15212

"Grace Period was able to offer me the ability to get money instantly without having to worry about high interest rates creeping their way up. I needed money quick because my rent was due before my next pay day and my fast approval allowed me to pay the rent right on time. It was a simple process from a great honest group of people!"

Jeff H, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

I came to Grace Period looking for $400. What I got was a whole lot more. They explained to me that I needed to be saving every pay or I would just end up always ‘chasing my tail. I now have more than $400 of my own money ready for the next time I need it and I’m on my way to a no cost loan.

Nicole W., Bridgeville, PA 15017

Being a single mother financial issues come up constantly. I’m glad I have Grace Period because with them I have a plan. I know that if I’m short this pay I can get money and as long as I stay on track I’ll end up paying nothing to borrow.

Stacey C, Carnegie, PA

My situation was a little different; I needed a loan but was able to pay it back on my next pay (for free). I repaid my loan but decided to continue building an emergency fund to help someone else. Sure enough I didn’t really miss the money and when my car needed inspected I was ready.

Tom G., Mt Lebanon, PA 15228

I got this loan online at one of those sites. After making the minimum payment three times I was shocked to learn I still owed the company the original amount and a fee. I had to find something else. Grace Period helped me, the loan was paid off and now I make smaller payments and part of it always goes to principle.

Cindy S., Washington, PA

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