Promotions and Specials

America's Mattress King of Prussia is your local Sleep Center.  We are family operated and are managed by Ken Mazda.  Ken is a former President/CEO of Nationwide Discount Sleep Centers.   With 30+ years of experience, Ken’s goal is to build America's Mattress on high values which include integrity, trust, and fair pricing, along with excellent Customer Service.

At America's Mattress, we continue to offer the world’s best mattress at the most reasonable price possible   Our focus has always been on our customers and their ability to obtain a good night’s sleep affordably all with a 100% customer satisfaction.

We believe that the only way to gain and retain true loyal customers is to treat them fairly along with utilizing excellent Customer Service. We  live by this.  We encourage everyone to take advantage of our Free In-Home Comfort Warranty.  We offer this trial at no charge for some of our most popular well-known brands. America’s Mattress has a solid goal to have everyone 100% satisfied with their purchasing decision.  At America’s Mattress we never play any games with our pricing schedule.  Each individual is treated fairly.  There is no intense pressure at America’s Mattress stores!   In fact, we even strongly encourage our potential customers to go home and thin0k about their possible purchasing decision.  That is how confident we are that you will return.

Another reason to visit us when you are in the market for a mattress is that there are no commissions involved with the sale.  We prefer to pay our Sleep Specialists a regular salary.  Our Sleep Specialists' only objective is to make sure that your purchase is the best suited mattress for you and that you tell your friends. America’s Mattress is in the position to offer everyone more value than any other bedding store.  We are your neighbors and part of your community.  Our top priority is to provide you with the correct mattress to obtain good sleep. America's Mattress -- Where America Goes to Sleep!