This past winter we had ice storms and electric outages.  We were so thankful we had the 4 Bar-Bar-A units and every one of them functioned beautifully.  Our Neighbors had automatic electrical units and they were up a creek during our week long power outage.  They were back to hauling water by hand while we were in business as usual at our place.

Melanie , , KY

Here is a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate the 3 drinkers we installed in our pastures a little over a year ago.  We have a farm service agent that was aat first skeptical as to how and whether they would work.  We are so glad that we insisted and purchased your product.  There was no electricity to run and carefree to use.  All Our animals prefer the drinker and often wait until turnout time to use the drinkers rather than the barn buckets!  We wanted to wait to write until the drinkers were tested through a New Jersey winter and summer and see if they performed as you described.  Now, we are all so spoiled using them, we anticipate purchasing a couple more in the near future for stall use.

Eloise, , NJ

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