I'm just on day 7 after CO²RE Laser Skin Rejuvenation and the results are amazing! All my
damage has disappeared. My skin is smooth and fresh looking already, I can hardly wait till
the red is completely gone so I can fully appreciate the change. My husband even noticed the
improvement. What better proof then that? Love it! Would definitely do it again.

Mikki, Abingdon, VA 24210

We had a blast at Holly Sansom's "Day at the Spa" for her bridal shower :) Thanks for all
you did to make her day so special!"

Ashlet Street, Hansonville, TN 24266

I was injected recently with Artefill for my chest lines as well as for my wrinkles by Dr. Clemons at his medical spa.  I was visiting a friend one day in Johnson City who recommended him to me to discuss a filler.  He was extremely skilled as an injector.  It was a very pleasant experience.  I am totally thrilled with my wonderful results and younger looking chest!  Next I am looking into lazer hair removal.  I always wanted to visit a hair removal spa, but never did.  I feel very comfortable with Dr. Clemons and I recommend him highly to those who want to look their best.

Mary T., Bristol, TN 37620

We had an amazing time at Holly Sansom's "Day at the Spa" bridal shower with her bridemaids!
Thank you for making her day so luxurious and special!

Jennifer Street,, Elizabethton, TN 37643

“Many consider Dr. Clemons skin care clinic and his staff at Renovus the very best!  I totally agree not only with that statement, but  I must also mention -- so  are my amazing results!  I just could not be more thrilled than I already am with my Artefill treatments!  I even look happier as well as more rested.  Oh there's more -- I without a doubt recommend taking the professional advice and guidance of Dr. Clemons.  Dr. C. listened to my  concerns and was then able to give me a natural, affordable, painless path to looking 10 years younger!  The absolute beauty of it all is that it should last for the next  7 to 10 years!  I am now aware how to attack this thing they call the "aging process".  Together we created a customized facial treatment plan that is affordable and flexible with my unpredictable work and family schedules.  I am extremely excited about my skin treatments and actually feel blessed to be on this journey with the brilliantly and talented staff at Renovus and Dr. Clemons who, in my opinion,  is the Master when it comes to antiaging doctors.  I also now consider each of them my friend."

Kathleen P., Rogersville, TN 37857

Love my Dysport! Thank you so much for fixing me and making me look more alive but not frozen.
You may be "stuck" with me!! My right brow wants to kick up (more arch) but quickly settles and
flattens out. This should last me until just before the wedding (May 26) so I'll come see "the
Expert" then...... Again thank you,


D.B., Erwin, TN 37650

I just wanted to tell you again that I love it since I got that partial CO2RE. You just wouldn't
believe the difference in my face! my forehead has improved many, many times and is so smooth now;
and you were definitely right. Where the core was done I look 20 years younger. the scars have
improved drastically. They are so minimal now compared to what they were. It's really a combination
of things that have improved my appearance and are keeping me looking younger. The lower face and
neck lift, lipo on my jowels and neck,and then he cut the chin and neck waddle out, (reason for the
scar underneath my chin). but the cortisone that you gave me softened the scar a lot. then the core
"sanded down my skin to the next 20 years younger." I am still so amazed at what you're wonderful
enhancement treatments have done to make the very most of the surgery that I had. It has made the
most what I'd already invested in and had done.

Lorri Greene, Johnson City, TN 37643

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