I wanted to let you know my Mercedes dealer recommended Hanley Brothers.  The repairs look wonderful and were completed sooner than expected.  I would go back to this shop if I needed to again.

Monica R. , Houston, TX 77053

We have a Jaguar and I had a slight accident with it and didn't want my husband to know about it.  My girlfriend advised me to take it to Hanley Brothers in Houston to fix.  They made the car look like it came off the showroom floor.  My husband wanted to know why the couple of scratches that were on it vanished.  I told him I had it detailed at Hanley Brothers.  He said he would take his car in too, because they did a terrific job.  (They actually did quite a bit to it because I hit a rail)  Thanks to Gail she saved my day...

, Houston, TX 77055

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