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Pier 66 Cottage Rental Canadohta Lake
Phone: Tap to Call 814-694-2020
36053 Lake Street Canadohta Lake
Union City, PA

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To reserve your Pier 66 Cottage Rental or Boat Rental at Canadohta Lake, please call 814-694-2020.  We are all looking forward to your next visit to the lake. We will have a list of events on the front page of this site for you to view by May 25th or before for next year. 

Directions to Pier 66 Canadohta Lake:

From Pittsburgh take I-79 N, to the Meadville Exit 36A.  Follow 322/19 to the Park Avenue Exit.  From the exit, go 7 lights and turn right at the Burger King Restaurant.  Follow the signs to Routes 26 & 77.  Turn left onto Route 77.  Continue up the hill past the Crawford County Fairgrounds.  Continue to follow Route 77 for 15 miles to Little Cooley.  Turn left after the sign for Canadohta Lake.  Go 5 miles into Lincolnville, make a right at the "T", and the 1st left - Watch for Happi Jax place.  Make a left onto the hard top road across from Happi Jax.  Follow this road to Pier 66 lakeside.  Stop by our office to pickup cottage key and rental information. 

Summer:  814-694-2020

Winter:    724-863-3784