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We want to welcome you to Pier 66 Cottage Rental Canadohta Lake, PA with 9 Cozy Cottages for rent.  Canadohta Lake is a beautiful lake that offers a affordable and rustic appeal to fit any family's budget and activities.  Come and visit Pier 66 at the 2nd largest natural lake in Pennsylvania and have a real vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the trains, buses and airplanes. If you love the beauty of a natural lake and like boating, pontooning, fishing, roller skating, miniature Putt Putt Golf and swimming then, call this your "Summer Home."  People that vacation at Pier 66 Canadohta Lake just want to have some summer fun and relax.-

Most of the people that live or visit here enjoy hiking, walking or biking around the lake,  or they love being on the lake and boating.  For some folks they just like to plain relax, or read a book, that is what they are looking to do.   If your looking for a real laid back vacation well, kick off those shoes and just relax.  The lake is the place to enjoy for the young, old and young at heart.  You will find or make some of the best memories from a Pier 66 vacation spot here at Canadohta Lake.

Pier 66 Cottage Rental Canadohta Lake offers you quite a variety with 9 cozy cottages to rent and enjoy your vacation full of summer fun. Pier 66 has 4 Lakefront Cottages, One Cottage that is on the water and has a maximum occupancy of 6 people.  Then we have 4 more cottages for rent that all have an occupancy of 6. Boat Rental Canadohta Lake is here!  Pier 66 rents Pontoon Boats, Canoes, and Paddle Boats to enjoy on the lake.   When you rent a cottage at Pier 66 a rowboat comes with it.

If you love a really beautiful sunset, at Pier 66, Canadohta Lake, when the sun goes down it looks like a million diamonds dancing on the water. You should enjoy at least one sunset while you are here to view the magic of what a sunset is about.  If the kids are not roller skating at the roller rink at night, or playing Putt Putt Golf,  then sitting around the campfire at night at Pier 66, making smores, toasting marshmallows, and making mountain pies is something you will all enjoy.  If you need a mountain pie maker, Sally's has one to buy, at least when I was there she had them.

Now, if you are up for activity, you can rent a bicycle built for two or one and go explore the lake area.  Remember, you can rent Pontoon Boats, Canoes and Paddle Boats from Pier 66 also.  There are activities at the lake to please every age!  Whether you enjoy playing arcade games, going fishing, rent a boat, hike the local trails, play 18 holes of golf, or taking an exhilarating ride down the water slide and then swim in the lake, Pier 66 Cottage Rental Canadohta Lake is the place to stay for your vacation. 

All rental cottages at Pier 66 have access to:  fire rings, bonfire area, sandbox, covered picnic shelter, our private lakefront wading area, 2 large docks and 1 extra long dock.  For safety reasons, all fires must be contained in fire ring.  Included amenities are: bathroom with a shower,  electric, hot water,  pots and pans, dishes and silverware, large picnic table, refrigerator, stove, gas grill, rowboat, and access to docks.  All Pier66 Cottage Rentals comes with a rowboat, life preservers and access to two docks included. 

Canadohta Lake contains Musky, small mouth Bass, Catfish, Perch, Walleye, Pike,  Crappie, Sunfish and Bluegills.  You can find the Bass and Bluegill near and under the docks.  If you can locate the water area between the lake bottom and weeds you will find many Walleye and the small mouth Bass.  In the summer, you may want to fish in twenty feet of water under the weed cover, this will result in more fish.

Rent a Pontoon, Canoe, Go Swimming, Fishing and Plenty of Time for Mountain Pies and Smores Vacation at Pier 66 Cottage Rental Canadohta Lake PA 814-694-2020.  A lot of people that come to Canadohta Lake that rent a cottage are from the Ohio and Pittsburgh areas.

Our Services

Now you have found a place to relax, enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors while staying in one of our 9 rustic, lake front cottages for rent at Pier 66 Canadohta Lake, where pontoon, canoe and paddle boat rentals are available.  Boat Rental at Pier66 Canadohta Lake is available.

Pontoon Rental - Enjoy the Pontoon Boat, hourly, daily or weekly and Fish or Swim

Canoe Rental - Rent your own Canoe and Enjoy the Lake.

Paddle Boat Rental - If you need some Exercise?  Rent the Paddle Boat today and enjoy some easy exercise.

The Red Barn - Is right Lake front, on the Water, 3 bedrooms, sofa bed. And occupancy of 6 people.

Cottage Rental #1 - Lake front, 2 bedrooms, sofa bed, bunk beds, screened porch, and swing.  Occupancy total of 6 people.

Cottage Rental #3 - Is Lake front, 2  bedrooms, bunk beds, sofa bed, screened-in porch, and a great swing.  Occupancy of 6.

Cottage Rental  #4 - Lake front, 1 bedroom, deck, sofa bed.  Occupancy of 2 Adults, and 1 child

Cottage Rental #5 - Lake front cottage, 2 bedrooms, sofa bed, screened porch, swing.  Occupancy of 6 people.

Cozy Corner Cottage Rental- Lake view cottage, 2 bedrooms, sofa bed, screened-in porch, large deck.  Occupancy of 6 people.

Parkview Cottage Rental - This cottage had 2 bedrooms, sofa bed, fireplace, patio doors, deck.  Occupancy of 6 people.

Canadohta Depot Cottage Rental - Lake front Cottage, 2 bedrooms, sofa bed, 2 screened porches, large unique rooms, cozy fireplace.  Occupancy 6 people.

Iroquis Cottage Rental - 2 bedrooms, sofa bed, screened-in porch, and a deck.  Occupancy 6 people.

Boat Motor Repair - We do all boat motor repairs on site.

Boat Rental - Tired of sitting on shore and watching the boats on the water? Rent!

Pontoon Rental -  Take a leisurly drive around the lake and enjoy the view. 

Canoe Rental - Come and enjoy ON the water as well as IN the water!

Rent a Pontoon, Canoe, Go Fishing, Swimming and Plenty of Time for Mountain Pies and Smores Vacation at Pier 66 Cottage Rental Canadohta Lake PA 814-694-2020.

Items to Bring: groceries, sheets, blankets, flashlights, golf clubs, rain gear, towels, linens, cleansers or soap, camera, bikes, jackets, pillowcases, toiletries, tennis shoes or hiking boots, fishing gear, bathing suit, and sunscreen.

No Phone or Television, so enjoy fishing, swimming, biking, boating, skating, or campfires and making some smores or moon pies. You may want to bring some magazines or a good book to lay back and read. 



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