I was so used to living alone. My home had no style whatsoever. When I became engaged, my fiance and I planned on living in my home. I decided to surprise her with a brand new looking house as a wedding present.. I called Windo Van Go and they had great suggestions for the blinds and draperies. I decided to go with the contemporary look but with some warm touches. I couldn't be more pleased. My wife loves our new home. When we returned from our honeymoon is when I surprised her with it!

Robert D., Bethel Park, PA 15102

Thanks to Windo Van Go I am not ashamed to have company anymore. You did a wonderful job in making my house a real home. I never was good at decorating, didn't have that talent at all. I realize now all I needed was help. I particularly love the way you have my livingroom with the shutters and lighting. If I knew it was this easy to have a beautiful home by using your services, I know I would have hired you sooner.

Jane R., Greentree, PA 15220

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on decorating my living room with the most beautiful drapes, blinds and valances. We now have beauty and privacy and totally enjoying both. You have transformed our house into a "Home". His work is elegant and affordable.

Melissa R. , Oakdale 15071

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