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At ARK Basement Services Pittsburgh, our specialty is home and building waterproofing.  We provide affordable permanent solutions to water problems.  We even encourage you to obtain bids from other companies because we are so confident that we will give you the best price.  We keep our operating expenses low in order to save you the most money.  We are a family-owned & operated business, and we are committed to being personally involved with each installation.

Each one of our service men is a highly qualified professional who will go the extra mile to ensure each job is done correctly.  Our focus is keeping our customers happy.  We realize there are many waterproofing companies out there to choose from.  Our daily goal is to separate ourselves from that competition in every way possible.  Because each home is different, we customize our approach in order to meet your specific needs.


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Call an Expert Waterproofer at  ARK Basement Services.  We are here to solve foundation problems, leaky basement walls, flooding, and more.

Our Services

At ARK Basement Services we are:

A - Affordable

R - Reliable

K - Knowledgeable

We Offer Reliable permanent solutions to:

Ark Basement Services has studied various ways to fix wet basements and the problems that follow.  We have developed successful solutions for bowed foundations and successful systems to take care of the water problem:

  • Outside System
  • Inside System
  • Multi-System

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