We ordered a table and 4 chairs for our eat in kitchen and they are a perfect match with our all wood cabinets.  Harry and I are so glad we stopped in to see what you had.  We have been looking but, your price was right and the quality ws there. 

Harry & Pat V. , Pittsburgh, PA 15220

I purchased an Esther Williams Pool and we live in it.  Well, almost.  When it is summer, my kids have their friends over and I know the moms and we have a great time.  After supper, when dad comes home they go in and horse around and have a great time.  We don't know how we survived summer in Pittsburgh without one. We love it and the privacy of owning your own is fantastic.

Bob & Beth T. , Pittsburgh, PA 15226

Never thought I'd say this however, I love the pool.  It was my wife and children that wanted it but, after a days work at being a plumber all day, there is nothing better than getting into that nice clean water.  I get special time with the boys that I never really had before.  We have invented alot of new games to play and we share what happened all day.  Good Stuff!

Jack M. , Lower Burrell, PA 15068

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