Kellington Protection is the security firm that we use for our outpatient healthcare facility. We have very particular entrance and exit rules, and we asked Kellington to come in and evaluate our procedures. They offered suggestions, we implemented them, and we also use their employees for our in-house security. We are very pleased with their employees and would recommend them to anyone. Michael, Pittsburgh, PA

We hired Kellington Protection to secure one of our executives as a personal security assignment. After interviewing us and getting the background information they would need, they developed a plan. In fact, everything was pre-planned, including our route and several stops that needed to be made as a part of his itinerary. Kellington kept us updated and everything went as proposed.

J. R. G, Robinson Township, PA 15949

Our company was close to experiencing a work stoppage, so we brought Kellington on board because we'd heard how professional they were. They helped us prepare for the eventual stoppage and when it happened, they kept our buildings safe to enter and exit. Their training and input during that time was exactly what was needed. Our corporate headquarters was very pleased with their work, and since our employees' contract situation is usually in the negotiations stage every two years, we're glad that we have Kellington for our future needs. Patrick H. , Pittsburgh, PA 15222

I cannot speak highly enough about the management and staff of Kellington. Their level of service far exceeds what is normally expected from a contracted security firm. The site supervisor consistently takes ownership in resolving issues and addressing concerns from tenants and visitors allowing me to focus on other building matters. One very specific situation stands out for me. A long-time jeweler tenant accidentally dropped three loose diamonds that were wrapped in tissue just outside the front doors on the sidewalk of the building. While on his normal rounds, the Kellington officer found the small package outside - and clearly could have easily slipped the diamonds into his own pocket. Instead, he found the rightful owner and returned the diamonds. I believe that this speaks volumes about the integrity of Kellington Protection and their staff. Michael T. - Property Manager, Pittsburgh, PA

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