I used your service last year when I purchased my rental property. Sure enough I learned that there was a definite flaw on my potential renter's record. Turned out he had not paid his rent to two other landlords in the nearby area. That's all I needed to hear. Your service was well worth it to me

Ron Talbot, Mt Lebanon, PA

Property Guard has helped my parents several times in the past. I realize more than ever that when I'm ready to purchase my first rental property, I will make sure I give you a call.

Randy Rhinnie, Bethel Park, PA

I would never consider using any other service but PropertyGuard. I just know too many people who are pleased with how you have helped them.

Melissa Carlson, Pittsburgh, PA

I highly recommend this service to any landlord in order to find tenants of higher quality.

Brent Snowden, Turtle Creek, PA

I do believe in PropertyGuard. My tenant background checks are great for weeding out rotten renters.

Arthur Rowe, Ben Avon, PA

I recently met several real estate investors. It's hard to believe there are still some people who simply rely on their instincts to judge character. I'll stay with my PropertyGuard.

Dean Chevlan, McMurray, PA

I've been a Real Estate Investor for about 10 years. I'm always purchasing some type of property. I feel comfortable using Property Guard. It has failed me yet.

Taila Torr, Troy Hill, PA

PropertyGuard recently saved me a good deal of money. I learned things about my potential client that would have really been on burden on me, if I would have rented the apartment to him. I recommend Property Guard to anyone who is serious about not losing money.

Debra Barnes, North Versailles, PA

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