Finally, I am able to get a good rest and actually sleep for a change. I have had back problems for years and had to be real careful on the way I would laid on any bed. The salesman was very knowledgeable and took his time explaining the different types of mattresses and which would be best for my back. If you are in the market for a new mattress, i suggest you go to ABD.

Jenni T, Brookline, PA

I love my new mattress. I purchased last month and the delivery was free! It also arrived on time. That's the first time I had that happen. I never get furniture on time from other stores. I recommend ABD to anyone. I am pleased with my experience with them.

Jenny R, Turtle Creek, PA

One day I decided to go mattress shopping and stopped at ABD. I like the fact that no one pressures you into buying. The salesman simply educates you on the different mattresses and I liked that. I didn't buy one yet, but I will next week.

Amy T, Canonsburg, PA

I've been mattress shopping for about a month. I finally made the decision to purchase one at ABD. I was there for hours going over the different brands. The salesman had a good deal of patience. I know it took me awhile, but I was very pleased with my purchase. The test was having that first good night's rest -- and I did!

Marcie L, McKees Rocks, PA

I had just remodeled my home and getting it ready for Christmas. I heard a loud noise and realized my two children were jumping on my king-size bed. Well, it broke. It was very old and I always knew I would be buying a new one. Didn't plan on it that particular week, however. I hurried to your store to hopefully have it in time for the holidays. I found the perfect one and it was delivered on time.

Anrea J, Dormont, PA

My husband hasn't had a good night sleep in years. I'm a very sound sleeper, however and can sleep anywhere. I finally told him we have to try a new bed. One Sunday we spent the afternoon at ABD. Their people were so helpful. My husband and I sure learned alot about mattresses. He took his good ole time and we were there for hours. He finally made his decision on which bed he wanted. The first night we slept in it, my husband noticed a big difference. I commented it's like sleeping on a cloud.

Karen M, Plesant Hills, PA

I was impressed with the Arthritis Foundation's Ease of Use Commendation and decided to test out the Tempur-Pedic. I bought one that same day and have been extremely happy with it. Last night was the best night's sleep I had in a while. I can see the difference this mattress makes.

Sheila T., Pittsburgh, PA

I put 2 kids through college taking advantage of your Student Program. It's good saving money for a change.

Arlene D., Washington, PA

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