"I went to see Heather to support a friend in her new business. At the time I didn't even realize that a previous injury had reduced my ability to rotate my head a full 45 degrees. Driving a lot, this condition was actually dangerous because I wasn't always checking my blind spot completely. After my session, with in a few hours I had a full 45 degrees of rotation. From this experience, even if you're not in pain, I would suggest seeing Heather. She might find something that you don't even realize is holding you back."

John Wolffe, Hidden Valley, PA

"I really enjoyed the trigger point massage you gave me. It was comfortable and effective. I felt great. I also loved your professional and caring attitude and found the office to be peaceful and relaxing."

Dr. Shannon, Bellvue, PA

"I've been suffering from headaches for years. I got immediate relief after the first session with Heather...thanks to Heather I feel much better."

Paul R. , Cranberry, PA

"I have been using Heather for trigger point therapy for several months now and I have been pleased with the results. I am a chiropractor, and I put a lot of stress on my body each and every day. The treatments Heather provides have allowed me to practice with less pain and helps keep my muscles healthy in order to decrease the likelihood of developing injuries. I recommend trigger point therapy to anyone experiencing musculoskeletal pain and to anyone who wants to prevent problems from developing."

Dr. Jeanette White, Slippery Rock, PA

"Heather excels in the art of trigger point therapy. I felt totally relaxed and rejuvenated after my first session. I recommended a client for a visit to Heather for similar treatment. Heather’s professional attitude and mastery of the subject makes for an awesome experience!"

Pravin Thakur, Wexford, PA

"We could not have enjoyed such a successful fundraising event without your donation of massage services for our walkers. You played an important role in making the March for Babies an event people will want to come to year after year. Thank you for your time and generous contribution. You are truly a champion for babies."

Sarah Kwolek, Pittsburgh, PA

"I just want to let you know that I got so much relief from the trigger massage that you gave me. I know that I must come see you again."

Melissa T., Pittsburgh, PA

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