“Just after a couple of treatments I began to notice dramatic reductions in my facial hair areas.  Shaving is so easy now and even faster.  The itching and scratching is entirely gone.  I definitely have a renewed sense of confidence regarding my appearance.”

Rick, Cranberry, PA 16066

“I realized there was a difference after my first treatment, but is was actually after my second treatment that I really noticed quite an amazing difference. …I used to have to shave every single day.  It has now been exactly 6 months since I shaved!  Now, when I look into the mirror, I just smile… [Lyra] has saved my life.”

Barbara, McCandless, PA 15101

WOW!  I was at several other facilities that turned me away since I have a darker complexion.  All About Youth lasers were able to treat my color skin without complications and I'm now facial and bikini hair free! THANKS

Maria, Brentwood, PA 15227

I wanted to thank you for your Zerona Laser treatments.  I lost 4.5 inches with my first set of treatments and 3 inches with my second set.  Two dress sizes down and I now have the motivation to continue working out and watch my diet more carefully.  Oops, almost forgot, thanks for getting rid of that ugly vein on my leg.  It's been an eye sore since college.

Lori, Seven Fields, PA 16046

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