About Us

All About Youth Laser Center New Castle, uses the latest in laser hair removal, Botox, Zerona, cellulite remover and laser vein treatments. We are so excited to offer you state of the art cosmetic procedures that are both effective and safe.  We waited to offer you these treatments until the  medical protocols and technology were developed to the point that they have met our standards for medical excellence.  Now you can remove unwanted hair, spider veins, wrinkles, acne and unsightly inches with light!

All About Youth Laser Center in New Castle has one personal guarantee and that is for your complete satisfaction. The whole growth of our clientele base is primarily through satisfied client referrals. We achieve staff and client satisfaction through team work.

 Our expertise is developed through our continued education and experience.  As the industry changes, we prepare to satisfy all of our client expectations.  At All About Youth Laser Center in New Castle our philosophy is to create strong client relationships so that we may together strive to achieve the each goal we have set, with the latest technologies and the most highly trained physicians, physician assistants, aestheticians and laser technicians.

We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing with you how we can change the way you look at yourself.  Imagine removing that unwanted hair, cellulite and spider veins.  Your initial consultation is free, so give us a call today! 

Our Services

Laser Hair Removal - You can say goodbye to all that Waxing, Shaving, Creams and Electrolysis.
Acne Treatments - We are so excited to offer you several state-of-the-art FDA Approved Acne Treatments with Light. Say Good bye to acne, no downtime!    

Zerona Laser -The very 1st FDA Approved noninvasive body contouring procedure of its kind that effectively removes excess fat.  No surgery needed and no downtime! Zero Pain, Zero Surgery, Zero Downtime!    

Botox - Smooth over and even reduce frown lines without surgery and without any scars by injections in the targeted area.

Collagen Rejuvenation - A Laser Facial Rejuvenation may also be helpful in achieving neck contours and a youthful chin.    

Cosmetic Filler - Are used widely throughout the world in order to diminish lines, wrinkles and facial folds.    

Laser Vein Treatments - Safely removes larger deeper vessels quickly.  Treatments leave your skin looking beautiful again.    

Facial Rejuvenation - There is no need to avoid tanning. Dark complexions are not turned away for removal of hair, dermal remodeling, spider vein or acne treatments.    

Permanent Cosmetics - Accommodates busy people who have so little time available to apply makeup each day.



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