About Us

Complete Intravenous Access Services, Inc. Offers highly skilled Infusion Nurses or IV Nurses or IV Experts as a mobile staff ready to serve you now for 19 years.
CIAS is the largest independent specialty medical service company in the United States providing nursing professionals to support hospitals, hospice, non-institutional facilities and long term care patients. We are the IV experts because of the volume and frequency of IV insertions done by our reliable, efficient, and talented mobile staff.

About Us
Complete Intravenous Access Services, Inc. (CIAS) was formed in 1994 by nursing professionals dedicated to providing a higher level of IV insertions service to nursing home patients. With health costs rising every year, CIAS has been able to provide alternative solutions to the industry at extremely competitive prices. We hire highly skilled IV nurse specialists with IV team experience to set an unparalleled standard of excellence in the IV insertion and specialty nursing field.

We use ULTRASOUND to verify our accuracy of the Picc Line Placement and Insertion.
Our Mission Statement
"To be the most complete intravenous services company in the industry, and to provide those services in a safe, professional, and timely manner."     


Careers With CIAS

 We are the original IV insertion company, and the nation’s largest provider of intravenous insertion services in the non-acute setting. CIAS is seeking qualified full- time and some part-time RN’s for the position of IV nurse specialist.  PICC Insertion experience is required. We offer competitive salary, benefits, flexible scheduling, in a warm family like culture.  If you enjoy managing your own workload as part of a professional health care organization than submit your resume and qualifications to:  

Complete Intravenous Access Services, Inc.   828 Front Street, Creighton, Pa. 15030


Click here to go to our contact page and send your resume on line.

Current Positions Available

 -RN IV Nurse Specialists-- Eastern PA: Allentown, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Pconos, Qakertown, State College.

-RN IV Nurse Specialists: Maryland

Our Services

CIAS Offers:

Infusion Therapy - Infusion Therapy by our highly skilled Infusion Nurses or IV Nurse Specialist with IV team prior experience, has an unparalled standard of excellence in the IV insertion and specialty nursing field.

Our Infusion Nurses or IV Nurses care for the complex resident with infusion needs. 

  • IV Insertions with a Higher Level of Service to nursing and in home patients.
  • PICC Insertions using State of the Art Ultrasound Technology - verifies placement of PICC
  • Midline Insertions
  • Peripheral Insertions
  • Port Accessing
  • Central Line Discontinuations
  • Central Line Care & Management
  • Line Troubleshooting and Assesment                   

  Education Services -  State Board Approved

  Basic IV Certification Course and Review Course
  (14 CEUs)

  In-Services are also available on:


  • Pain management
  • CADD/PCA Pumps
  • Central Lines
  • Routine Line Care and Maintnance
  • Hemodynamics
  • Physical Assessment
  • Diabetes
  • Fluid Balance
  • HIV/Aids
  • Aseptic Technique
  • TPN

In-House Pharmacy Consulting

Recommend pharmacy par stock levels

          - Prevents revenue losses related to inappropriate or overstocked supplies

          - Prevents Supply loss due to expiration.

Recommended appropriate amounts and types of supplies for each patient based on prescribed therapy.

          - Decreases costs to the patient/facility

          - Prevents/minimizes amount of "lost" supplies

Routinely Check Facility stock levels for quantity and expiration dates 

          - Data will be faxed to the pharmacy

Make recommendations regarding hardware, such as pumps,tubings, catheters, end caps, etc.

          - Ensures that current and cost-effective equipment is being utilized.

          - CIAS will in-service staff when any changes are made

Prepare new, or update existing IV Policy and Procedure Manual.

          - Ensures that all information is within the Intravenous Nurses Society and Centers for Disease Controls current Standards of Care. 

Medication Passes 

          - Maintains compliance with state and JCAHO Standards

Nurse Liaison 

          - A designated CIAS R.N. will act as a liaison between the facility/agency and the pharmacy. Ensures prompt attention to any needs and    prompt resolution of any problems.

Chart Audits 

          - Verification of proper IV care and maintenance documentation

Quality Assurance 

          - IV documentation evaluation and completion of appropriate records in compliance with state, JCACHO and Nursing Standards of Care



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