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Name: Craig H
City: Pittsburgh
Date: Apr 23, 2012
Review: Recently I was hospitalized for an obstruction in my small intestines. It was seven days of a close call before everything was worked out and I was able to go home. My doctor upon leaving the hospital recommended that I start taking a fiber supplement in order to help myself in the future. I have since started using Ultra Fiber DX. I noticed that overall I'm feeling better and everything else is running smoothly if you know what I mean. I really love the product and glad I went with the Ultra Fiber DX.

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Name: Kelly Cramer
City: Pittsburgh
Date: Apr 9, 2012
Review: I've been using Ultra Fiber DX mixed into my morning protein shake for about 9 months now. Over this time I have lost 25 lbs without doing too much else to change my diet and routine. I'm only 30 and I'm sure my friends and family are tired of me talking about fiber so much! But it really helped me feel less bloated and I wasn't as inclined to snack in between meals. I also found on the website that you can cook with it and I tried their recipe for Artisan bread and it was surprisingly delicious! I immediately recommended this product to my mom who has pre-diabetes and she's lost 8 lbs in the past 2 months! I'm so proud of her. This is just a great product all around, definitely worth a shot.

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