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With information, education and exercise, people increase their chances to lead healthier and more independent lifestyles.

We believe that it is our job to provide information that goes beyond the headlines and myths - information that is easy to understand and easy to act on. In conjunction with the available printed information and postings in our gym, we keep you updated on a variety of topics related to Cuts Fitness, your exercise and your healthy lifestyle.

This section is designed to keep you informed of any events, happenings and special hours at the gym. Additionally we also encourage you to check here for news and information that you might find helpful in your quest toward better health and less weight.

We will NOT be following any delays or closings of any school district in determining our hours, especially during inclement weather. Whenever possible we will maintain our normal hours of operation so that your workout schedule is not affected. Any changes in our hours, when possible will be communicated here, on our FaceBook page and with our voice mail service (412-487-3735) During periods of inclement weahter, the voice mail service will have the most up to date information. When calling please allow enough rings for our the messaging service to kick in.  

Cuts Fitness is your fast track to fitness, less weight and better health. If you haven't already made Cuts Fitness your gym, contact us for your FREE membership! 


Group Exercise Classes Now Offered

2013-09-08 21:30:29
ZUMBA - the feel happy workout that will help you melt away pounds. Wednesdays 10-11am CARDIO SCULPT - the orignal aerobic class, but much better! Thursday 6-6:45pm YOLATES - a powerful mix of Yoga and Pilates to improve strength & flexibility. Saturdays 8-9am


2013-10-01 10:19:00
Try a Zumba class for free! The feel happy workout that will help melt away pounds! For a limited time, enjoy a free Zumba class. Come alone or bring a friend, either way the first class is free! Call 412-487-3735. Wednesday 10 - 11AM


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