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Cuts Fitness Allison Park is The fast track to fitnessss, better health & less weight!

Cuts Fitness offers a 30 minute session that has all the health benefits of a 2 hour workout!  See the difference or you have a money back guarantee!  Come in an visit us today!

You deserve to look and feel your best. There is no better time to start than today. 

We feature a proven comprehensive strength and cardiovascular workout that is known as circuit training. Regular participation in circuit training is proven to help burn body fat, increase lean muscle and to tone and firm your body all while you build cardiovascular endurance.

A 30 minute session at Cuts Fitness has all of the health benefits of a traditional two-hour workout. Plus circuit training will help you burn calories while at the gym and long afterward too.

Circuit training is safe, effective and easy to learn It is perfect for everyone! The equipment at Cuts Fitness raises circuit training versatility to the highest level. Each piece of equipment is fully adjustable and challenges you no matter what your fitness level. Our fully trained staff is always on hand to help you and to provide you with the best workout for your fitness and health goals. 

Our gym is all about you. We provide a no-nonsense approach to membership, a true dedication to your results with a money back guarantee and constant attention to our facility. We maintain an immaculate, sterile, safe and functional gym with practically no equipment downtime due to breakage, manintenance, etc. All of which makes a top notch workout experience for you!

Our location in the heart of Allison Park, by the Route 8 Alpine Pool store, and just a few miles south of the Turnpike make it simple for you to get to whether it be from home or from work. We are open for a continuous 12-13 hours most days. Just 30 minutes at a time is all it takes for you to see results...And your results are guaranteed with our exclusive money back offer.

Our Services

Cuts Fitness located in Allison Park offers a complete circuit training program that emphasizes the common goal that people like you are striving toward: better health and less weight. 

Exercise is like a pill that should be taken daily for good health! This pill controls weight, lowers blood pressure, prevents diabetes and heart disease, raises "good" cholesterol, improves fitness and elevates mood. Dr. Philip Ades of the University of Vermont College of Medicine

Whether you are exercising because your doctor told you to, your family wants you to, or you know you need to, Cuts Fitness is the place for you! Cuts Fitness is the gym that is designed for you - the man or woman who wants an effective, challenging, affordable and quick exercise solution. Leave your gym and health club stereotypes at home. At Cuts Fitness you can work out in a non-intimidating and fun environment with people just like you. 

No matter your age, size or fitness level, by exercising at Cuts Fitness just 30 minutes at a time, you can drop inches, lose body fat and become more healthy and fit. We guarantee it with a 100% money back guarantee. 

We are not just another gym! We truly do care about you and want to make it easy for you to include fitness and exercise into your hectic lifestyle. We understand you. We understand life. Most importantly, we want to make fitness, exercise and better health hassle free for you. That's why Cuts Fitness offers every new member a FREE Trial Membership. Why join a gym if they won't let you see if it's for you or if fits your schedule. Our 2 week trial memberships have no cost and have no obligation. Call us today to start your free membership. Know someone that's a member? Ask them for a gift certificate, you'll be glad you did and so will they.

Feel free to browse this site. The Facility Page features detailed information about our gym, our rates and a few of our exclusive member benefits. Have questions? Call! Want to see? Stop in! Ready to start? Call to schedule your training session. An appointment is required for your first visit only. 

Our Allison Park location, just off Route 8 and slightly south of the turnpike is convenient and easy to get to from practically anywhere.


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