When we bought out new home in 2005 we loved it.  It was pretty much my dream home -- in the inside that is.  The outside of our home had lots to be desired.  We accidentally came upon Flower Pots Nursery one day.  We were amazed how much was available to us for our home. 

The water garden and the waterfall were too hard to pass up.  They both look spectacular in at our home.  They helped us tremendously by giving our home a total new look. 

We were impressed how knowledgeable they are when flowers and plants are concerned. 

Jennifer S., Bethel Park, PA 15102

Flower Pots Nursery is a great place to get great ideas for your home.  We love going there and usually make a whole day of it.  They understand plants and flowers.  It's good knowing they are there because we always have tons of questions. 

If you are interested in beautifying your home, I'd definitely give them a call or visit them.

Janice K., Mt. Lebanon, PA 15228

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