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Name: Leslie
City: Cranberry, PA 16066
Date: Feb 7, 2014
Review: Dr. Werkmeister helped me with a gingivitis problem a few months ago. I am looking forward to becoming a mom, but I've read that serious gum disease can trigger early labor. I knew that I needed to get my dental problems fixed. My regular dentist suggested I visit Dr. Werkmeister, and he really helped me. He listened to me, diagnosed my problem, and then he gave me the treatment that I needed. I feel so much better now that I've gone there!
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Name: Krista W.
City: North Hills
Date: Nov 5, 2013
Review: I was diagnosed with severe gingivitis. I needed to see a periodontist right away to get it treated before it caused even bigger problems. My dentist referred me to Dr. Werkmeister and I'm so glad she did. He was professional, friendly, and so reassuring. Now, my gums are in great shape and I know how to prevent gingivitis. He knows what to do and helped me!
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Name: Amanda S.
City: Cranberry
Date: Aug 28, 2013
Review: I brought my 13-year old into see Dr. Werkmeister for a gum problem. I have to tell you, he is AWESOME with kids! My son really liked him and felt very comfortable with him. He answered all my questions and said everything in a way that I could understand. He uses real terms! The staff is very friendly and they're professional. So glad that we heard about him!
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