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Our practice provides quality periodontal care with a personal and caring touch. Dr. James R. Werkmeister will take the time to address your individual needs as well as making sure that you are comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Werkmeister and his team always have your best interests at heart and will be sure that your periodontal problem is properly treated.

Chances are, your regular dentist has recommended you to see a periodontal specialist because you have a serious problem with your teeth or gums. Over the years, Dr. Werkmeister and his staff have helped thousands of patients just like you!

At the office of James R. Werkmeister, DMD, MS we pledge to treat you the way you want to be treated – with respect and a caring touch.


Our Services

Treating Gum Problems

Regardless of the specific nature of your gum problem, treatment occurs in the following sequence

Diagnosis/Treatment Plan: the condition as well as the underlying cause must be understood and a plan made to correct the problem.

Clean Out the Infection: elimination of infection is frequently the first step in treating gum problems. This is often accomplished without gum surgery.

Fix the Problem: if problems remain after the infection has been eliminated, additional steps may be taken to restore health to your gums and teeth. These are typically minor (in-office) periodontal surgical procedures.

Maintain Periodontal Health: Once your mouth is healthy again, frequent periodontal check-ups and cleanings (alternating with your dental check-ups) is an important part of your ongoing dental care.

1.    Remove the infection:

Deep Scaling and Root Planing
Scaling involves the non-surgical removal of plaque and calcium deposits on the tooth surfaces. Root planing is the smoothing of the root surfaces to promote reattachment of the gum tissue to the tooth.

These procedures are comfortably completed using local anesthetic (Novacaine). You can immediately return to normal activity following your appointment.

Systemic and Localized Antibiotic Therapy
Antibiotics may be used alone or in combination with Scaling/Root Planing in a conservative effort to resolve periodontal infection.

 2.   Fix the remaining problems:

Gingival Grafting
This surgical procedure restores healthy gum tissue to protect your teeth from disease and reduce gum recession. Gum recession and loss can cause serious dental problems and tooth loss. Gum tissue can be replaced and the gumline restored for a healthy and cosmetic result. (view photos)

We have 15 years experience with a procedure that does not involve harvesting gum tissue from the roof of the mouth. This procedure is far less painful and more esthetic than older techniques!

Flap Surgery
This procedure allows the doctor to gain access to the undelying support of the tooth for removal of plaque, tartar and diseased tissue.

Periodontal Regeneration
This procedure is designed to strengthen the tooth support by growing back lost periodontal structures that support the teeth, such as, the bone, periodontal ligament, and connective tissue.

3.    Maintain periodontal health:
Once your periodontal health has been restored, dental and periodontal maintenance appointments will become an important part of your ongoing care and will help to ensure a healthy mouth into the future.



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