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* Materials usually used in the manufacturing of carpeting include Polyester, wool, acrylic, nylon or polypropylene.

* Common Styles of carpet include level loop pile (Berber), multi-level loop pile, cut and loop pile, cut pile and sisal.

* The quality of a carpet depends on: the density of construction (the denser the better), the twist, or how many fibers have been intertwined to make the yarn (the tighter the twist, the better the carpet), and the quality of the material/fiber used.

* Carpet padding makes a difference to extend the life of the carpet.

* Installation products will include: tack strips, sharp razor-type knife, a chalk line and a straight edge.

* Carpeting usually comes in 12’ widths (based on a standard room dimension). Carpet



* Installed underneath the carpet.

* Prolongs the life of the carpet and adds to comfort.

* Adds comfort to the floor, absorbs sound, insulates for energy efficiency.

* Usually made from felted cushion, urethane, foam rubber or sponge rubber.

* Choosing the best padding to use depends on the amount of traffic in the area you’re carpeting. Things like weight, thickness and density vary by type.

* Typically available in 36”, 54”, 72”, 108” and 144” widths.


Hardwood Flooring

* Available in planks or parquet tiles.

* Some types install with nails, others with glue.

* Popular types of wood are oak, maple, beech, birch and pecan.

* Has tongue and groove joints for a tight installation. Engineered Wood

* A popular alternative to solid hardwood flooring.

* The surface veneer is made of hardwood such as maple or oak, while tongue-and-groove strips underneath are constructed of plywood.

* Easy to install because it can be installed without a subfloor and requires no sanding or finishing.

* Usually installed by gluing to the subfloor, although some types snap together and do not require glue.

* The size of the veneer will determine the floor’s durability. High-quality engineered floors feature surface veneer of 5/32” to 1/8”.



* Consists of thin layers of wood or paper products adhered to a resilient foam core.

* Designed to look like wood, stone or marble.

* A coating of aluminum oxide provides hardness for the flooring.

* Easy to maintain and resists scratching, denting or staining.

* A glueless, interlocking design offered by some manufacturers makes it easy to install.

* Not recommended for bathrooms since it can swell when exposed to water.


Cermaic Tile

* More durable and easier to maintain than vinyl or wood flooring.

* Glazed tile is made of clay that has been single fired at a high temperature, a process that makes color and shape permanent and a surface that is resistant to stains, burns and scratches.

* Comes with a durability rating from 1 to 4+. Class 1 is the least durable, while 4+ is intended for commercial applications with heavy traffic.

* Available in a variety of colors and patterns.

* Comes in sizes 12” x 12”, and accent pieces can be 2”x 2”, 4” x 4” or 6” x 6”.


Marble Tile

* Made of natural marble.

* Slick and easily scratched, although scratches can be buffed out.

* Tiles should be sealed after installation.

* Types include travertine (for exterior use), while (translucent) and green (usually installed with water-free epoxy mortars.


Granite Tile

* Made of solid granite.

* Similar to marble, but harder, denser and more durable.

* Must be sealed after installation.

* Commonly used on countertops.

* More difficult to harm than marble, but also more difficult to restore when damaged.


Slate Tile

* Made of shale with a natural cleft finish.

* Must be sealed after installation. Quarry Tile

* Has a shale body, extruded then cut to size with edges ground smooth.

* Can be glazed, but is usually sold unglazed.

* Must be sealed after installation.

* Very durable, and often used in institutional settings.



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