About Us

Domination Chassis, Pittsburgh's authorized ProCharger Dealer and Installer.  We also offer aftermarket parts and accessory installations.  We will be having unbelievable pricing for kits and installs.

ASE Master Technician Jay Cooper established Domination Chassis in 2003.   We are based out of Carnegie, PA.  We are the premiere performance and fabrication shop within the Greater Pittsburgh Area.  We have the most skilled and professional specialty automotive service providers in the area.

We have much pride in ourselves when it comes to our diverse welding and fabrication capabilities. The most discerning enthusiasts are captivated. So, if you want coin row TIG beads in stainless , aluminum, mild, or chromo just call us.

Almost all of our successful growth has come from repeat customers along with word of mouth. Our reputation of quick but yet quality turnaround times is profound.  Quite a bit of race prep shops within the tri-state area subcontract their heavy fabrication projects to us.

We built winning cars for Drag, Road racing, Dirt circle and others.   Watch for our name, at any local track.  Chances are you’ll see several cars sporting Domination Chassis Roll Cages, turbo kits as well as other custom fabbed goodies. 

We can help you with your car, truck and motorcycle custom rides. 

Our Services

If you need some work on your ride, you've found the place you need!

    * Aftermarket Parts and Accessory Installation
      (super chargers, suspension, interior, ect.)

    * General Repair and Maintenance

    * Precision Welding
      (aluminum, stainless, chromoly, etc.)

    * Body and Paint

    * Large scale project
      (jobs to take 100+ hours)

    * Cars, Trucks, Bikes, you name it, we can do it all!

All exhausts are made with high quality mandrel bent tubing for maximum power and performance.

If you Dream it, we can Build it.  We ARE Pittsburgh’s own  full service automotive specialty shop.

Any questions about:  Roll Cage, Procharger, Supercharger, Turbo, Performance, Chassis, or Custom Rides, simply give us a call.



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