The customer service at Jack Giambalvo Hyundai rivals the type of pampering you would receive at a 5 star restaurant. Their earnest approach representing the products sold at the dealership is not only refreshing; it is something that is hard to find in the normally nerve-racking world of car shopping. There was no pushy sales tactics. The sales person worked diligently to get us the best value for our money and exceeded our expectations. I was recently in a major car accident with my 17 month old daughter in the vehicle, my vehicle was totaled and my nerves were shot. Not one single person who had heard or seen the condition of the vehicle and the series of events that took place can believe that we walked away from an accident that could have potentially taken our lives. It shocks faith back into your system and I whole heartily believe that God was watching out for us that day and has continued guiding us including finding a replacement vehicle at the right dealership with the right people. They have worked around our chaotic work and commuting scheduled and their show room is warm and entertaining for my daughter. Any working mother knows how hard it is to get anything done with a high energy toddler running about. My new Santa Fe has a 5 star crash rating and an all wheel drive feature and additional controls built into the steering wheel. A special thanks to M. M. at Jack Giambalvi Hyundai.

Kristina, York, PA

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