Our refrgerator decided to die on us when it was 90 degrees outside and we were about to throw a cookout.  We ran to Bodnar's Appliance because we passed it so often and our neighbors used them and said they were good.  Well, they saved our day by delivering that day our new side by side refrigerator.  They even got rid of the old one, no charge.  They were pleasant to work with and the delivery guys, even though it was hot were very helpful and amiable. 

Thanks Guys,

Albert O. , Pittsburgh, PA 15205

We were really taken care of quite well at "Bodnar Appliance".  We were not sure what kind of washer and dryer we needed and the salesman pointed out the ones we acually bought.  He ws so knowledgable on the product and everything it was able to do, that he made our decision easy.  We are so glad we went there.  Thanks.

John & Patty B. , Greentree, PA 15220

When my stove broke down my girlfriend from church recommended Bodnar Appliance.  I knew they sold appliances and was cautious.  The guy came and fixed my stove and said it was good for another 2 years.  This is great as money is really tight.  He knew exactly what was wrong and repaired it.  I recommend them to anyone. 

Glady's R., Greentree, PA 15220

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