I had a terrible car accident last year.  The pain I had was so escruciating, I had a hard time believing that the hospital informed me there was nothing wrong.  My attorney contacted Whiplash and Injury Centers of America located in Pittsburgh, PA and from that day on, everything changed for me.  My attorney was able to prove my ligament injuries.  Now, I will be getting a fair settlement! 

Andrew R., Pittsburgh, PA 15228

My doctor kept telling me my x-rays showed no sign of injury.  Well, then why am I in so much pain I asked?  I hired an attorney who did his homework on my situation.  He told me about technology that surpasses the traditional methods of detecting injury.  Now, I can prove I am not lying.  I definitely have the pain.  I was told I have a  ligament injury and a whiplash injury.  My medical records now prove that I am in pain.  These new findings are definitely going to make my case so much stronger now!  

Emily K., Bethel Park, PA 15102

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