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Welcome to Kozi Media Design!

Here at Kozi Media Design we are your partner for audio visual solutions and work with both residential and commercial projects.   We focus on bringing bringing audio and video to life within your home or business.  This is accomplished with home automation, home cinema,  whole-house audio, video conferencing, drapery and lighting control, multimedia, sound suppression, networking and telecommunications,  digital signage and more.  Contact us today for the high quality performance you deserve!

Our Services

Building new or upgrading an existing home?  Be aware that Kozi Media Design can design, program, and even install a system that meets your individual needs.  We begin by understanding your goals to commence the planning process.  Our goal is to offer you a system that provides all amenities you crave to own. 

Throughout each phase of your project, we work hand in hand with your designer, your builder, as well as you.  This ensures that upon completion your system will meet your needs and even exceed your expectations.  We also provide you with training as well as support after installation.  In addition, you will have the option to opt for extended Service Agreements. 

Our Residential Products for Your Home: 

  • Home Cinema ( home theater including surround sound )
  • Home Cinema Accessories
  • Home Automation with lighting control
  • Home Networks
  • Multi-Room Audio / Video  
  • Secure Monitoring


Need New Construction or an Upgrade?  Does it involve audio and video distribution, office sound masking, audio or video conferencing,  drapery/lighting automation, climate control, digital signage, security monitoring, or complete systems integration?   If so, Kozi Media Design are the Experts when it comes to designing, programming and installing an easy-to-operate  system which meets the individual needs of your organization.  Upon completion of the installation, we provide training along with support.   We also offer the option of an extended Service Agreements.

Kozi Media Design has the experience to design a system, program as well as install it.  It is important to meet the the needs of your organization with equipment that is easy for your users to operate.   Even after installation, you will be provided with training along with support.  In addition, you will have the option to opt for extended Service Agreements.

Our Commercial Products for Your Office:

  • Meeting Rooms
  • Religious Institutions
  • Government Facilities ( secure monitoring)
  • Sports Facilities
  • Education Facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Digital Signage

Servicing the following areas:  Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Ohio, West Virginia, Roanoke, VA.



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