About Us

KEYGroup® has worked with companies for 30 years now, creating cool workplaces that attract, retain and get the most from their employees talent.  Over the years, keynotes, new sessions, products and workforce solutions have been developed to meet the needs of our clients in over 30 Countries.  Creating cool workplaces that retain and get the most from your talent and increase your bottom line is an area of our expertise.  How would you like a workplace filled with engaged, productive, and goal-oriented employees?  We are talking about a workplace that fosters high productivity and results. You do not need to look any further. 

KEYGroup® believes strongly in the competitive advantage of the collaborative workplace. Based on the organization’s high standards of integrity, ethics and practicality, KEYGroup helps leaders to achieve productive, profitable workplaces that attract, retain and leverage talent.   By focusing on people, not just tasks, employees feel valued and also involved in the change, learning to embrace it for organizational and personal growth.

KEYGroup® was founded by Dr. Joanne G. Sujansky in 1980.  Dr. Sujansky was a world-renowned expert in leadership, change, and retention who received numerous awards of distinction and produced over 14 publications and authored one of the first books on the subject, The Power of Partnering: Vision, Commitment and Action, and it was published by Pfeiffer and Company in 1991.

Our Services

Call KEYGroup® when you're looking for that "Special Key" to:

  • Reduce Turnover - Fully engage your employees.
  • Increase Retention - By Building and Maintaining a culture that keeps your keepers.
  • Improve Productivity
  • Reduce Hiring Costs
  • Gain a Return on Investment in Leadership Development
  • Increase Bottom Line - A Workplace that Fosters High Productivity and Results.

Call KEYGroup® to Get the Most From Your Team, We Offer:

Leadership Training:

Training that enables your leaders to grow your organization and its competitive advantage. To develop your leaders through intensive leadership training, where participation and practice positively affect daily performance.

Keynote Speaker - Topics Include:

  • Keeping Your Keepers:   Motivating and Retaining Talent
  • The Keys to Creating the Productive, Profitable Workplaces
  • Keys to Creating Cool Workplaces to Retain Millennials
  • Resilience and Maintaining it

Employee Assessment Solutions:

Employee Assessment Solutions will improve productivity, reduce hiring costs, reduce turnover, increase retention, improve succession planning decisions, place employees in the right position and gain return on investment in leadership training.

Executive Coaching:

KEYGroup® has been the "Go-To" Team to help leaders develop and enhance their skills through assessment data, one-on-one executive coaching and action plans for building and enhancing the executive coaching strength-based development plan.



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