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Since 1962, Fagnelli Plumbing, Heating and Cooling of Pittsburgh has been providing our hometown of Pittsburgh, quality service to ALL brands, makes & models of furnaces, boilers and air conditioners with 3 certified master Plumbers.  To help our customers during these tough economic times we accept all our competitors coupons too!  We provide immediate service so that your employees, customers and family has a minimum of interruption and inconvenience.

               Emergency Service is available 24X7X365

Fagnelli Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling of Pittsburgh is here to protect your comfort in such a busy world.  We also offer you peace of mind, ensuring your equipment operates safely and  we can actually help save you money on your utility bills.  If you're interested in replacing your old, outdated furnace or air conditioner you called the best company.  If you are looking for general maintenance for boilers, furnaces, central air systems, duct cleaning or even change your faucet, sink or toilet we service All brands, makes and models.

Fagnelli Plumbing, Heating and Cooling of Pittsburgh is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania and carries a 100% safety rating with worker's compensation.  One of our biggest strengths is having master plumbers and factory trained boiler and hot water technician and related skilled tradesmen onboard with us. We service all of Pittsburgh, Gibsonia, Monroeville, Imperial, South Park, Washington and all the areas in between.  Let us help fix your troubles today.

We are committed to bringing you  absolutely the best heating and cooling options to Pittsburgh and surrounding area residents.  We specialize in furnace repair and total furnace replacement. Our other expertise is in air conditioning, central air and the quality of the air you breathe.  We take pride in our work and you can count on us to be honest, quick and reliable.  You might want to compare your air conditioning and furnace to a car.  Both have moving, mechanical parts that need you to provide them with the proper attention for optimum efficiency.  Proper maintenance is a must and we can  provide you with a maintenance plan for your equipment.  Feel free to call us today. 

Fagnelli Plumbing, Heating & Cooling of Pittsburgh Provides  Quality Service to All Brands, Makes and Models, 24/7/365



Our Services

                 Same Day Service is Guaranteed!

Fagnelli Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning of Pittsburgh Offers the follow residential and commercial expertise on ALL BRANDS, MODELS AND MAKES.

Plumbing- Water lines repaired and replaced.  Copper pipe replaced and repaired.  We have 3 certified master plumbers.

Heating - All your heating needs.  Call 24 x 7 x 365.

Furnace - Furnace Repair  or Furnace Installation we are here to help you.

Boiler - Steam Boiler and hi-efficiency boiler.  Boiler repaired or Boiler Installation.

Radiator - Moved, Replaced and Disposal if replaced by Fagnelli Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning of Pittsburgh.  Also In floor radiant heating service.

Gas Lines - Located, replaced and repaired.  We are DOT Certified.

Sewer Cleaning -  Drain Cleaning - Water Jet and Hydro Services

Sewer Line - Replacement and Trench-less Sewer Line Repair.  Dye testing (for Storm - Sanitary Water) We treat Roots.

Storm Lines - "We use "State of the Art" Video Inspection Equipment"

Backhoe - Services Available

Sump Pump - Sewage Ejectors Services.

Water Heaters  Installation and Water Heater Repair

Cooling - Air Conditioning -  HVACCommercial Air Conditioning Repair and Residential Air Conditioning Repair, maintenance and installation is our expertise. 

Fagnelli Services ALL Makes, Brands and Models for Heating, Plumbing & Cooling.

  •     Preseason Maintenance and Tune-Up
  •     Central Air Systems
  •     Hi-Efficiency Cooling Units   
  •     Split Systems (Ductless)
  •     Cool Air Zoning (for your comfort)
  •     Climate Control Systems
  •     Air Purifier (Allergy Solutions)    
  •     Room Units
  •     Duct Cleaning
  •     Thermostats - Control Wiring and installation
  •     Freon Leak detection
  •     Re-charging of Freon
  •     UV Air Purification System  
  •     Indoor Air Quality Solution
  •     Heat Pump (with cooling unit)





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