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Dust Mites and Pet Allergens found indoors can cause Chronic and even Life Threatening illnesses if they are not eliminated?  
According to The Environmental Protection Agency indoor air has been discovered to be more polluted than outdoor air and among the top 5 Environmental Risks to public health?

One Dust Mite will produce 200 times its very own body weight in feces alone during its short life span!  --  Mattresses contain sixty percent ( 60% ) of the dust mites found within our home! 
                                  Cleaning Alone Is Not Enough!
We are Eco Clean Technologies, a "green" carpet cleaning company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Our mission is providing  premium Residential and Commercial carpet cleaning services, utilizing eco-friendly cleaning methods that are gentle to our customers as well as our environment.
We can efficiently handle all your needs when it comes to cleaning and maintaining wall-to-wall carpeting, oriental and area rugs, etc.  Our services include air duct and dryer vent cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, mattress cleaning and allergy relief treatment.
Here at Eco Clean Technologies we are committed to excellence in focusing on the needs of our clients.  We pledge to perform business according to high standards that reach beyond contemporary practices.
Learn valuable information that will assist you in making educated decisions on maintaining a clean, healthy home or work environment.
Think About All the Benefits You Will Experience in a Healthy Environment:  
  • Better Equipment Will Produce Better Results - Guaranteed
  • Immediate Results -- No 8 to 24 Hour Waiting to Dry
  • 48 Hour Allergy Relief - Means Less Medication
  • Top Notch Results, Exceptional Quality
  • Safe for Pets and for Children

We are committed to your satisfaction and we are confident that we can provide the most thorough cleaning available in the industry today.
However, if you are not satisfied, or if trouble spots reappear within one week, we will promptly re-do any areas of concern at no additional cost to you.
Eco Clean Technologies is the name you can trust for your high quality rug cleaning.
According to the National Safety Council, those who are most susceptible to indoor air pollution are children, pregnant women and the elderly. 
According to the American College of Allergies, 50% of all illness is aggravated air caused by polluted indoor air.  
We Employ the Use of High Velocity Air Movers to increase drying times.                    
(Usually your upholstered furniture will be dry to touch before we leave.)
CALL Eco Clean Technologies in Pittsburgh (Scott Township) Today For Your Free No Obligation Estimate at 412-428-9491.

Our Services

Create yourself a Safer Home and Work Environment free from harmful toxins!   The environment will benefit too.  Fewer pollutants will be in our air, soil, water and landfills.  

We offer:

  • Carpet Cleaning - Restore your carpets -- Our carpet cleaners will make it look like it did when it was brand new!
  • Green - Our hypo-allergenic cleaning supplies are derived from renewable seed as well as vegetable sources.  They are biodegradable and contain no perfumes, no hazardous VOC's, solvents, phosphates or any other types hazardous products.
  • Maxim Advanced Carpet Protection will give you the highest quality level of carpet protection that is available today. Maxim Advanced keeps your carpet looking "showroom fresh".  Treated carpets are definitely safe for children and pets.  

Maxim Advanced Carpet Protection:

  1. Protects against adult and children accidents
  2. Prevents unsightly spots / spills that just won't clean up
  3. Protects traffic lanes to continue to look like the other carpeting
  4. Prevents the worry about guests tracking in dirt or spilling drinks
  5. Makes it possible for your carpet to look great until you are ready to change it, rather than replacing it too soon because of        soiling and wear and tear. 
  • Mattress Cleaning - Rid your home of dust mites.
  • Upholstery Cleaning - ( Furniture Care ) Furniture such as Sofas and chairs are some of the most important items in your home to keep clean.  Dead skin, body oils, bacteria, dirt, and soils become embedded in the fabric and are exchanged with everyone who sits on them. Our powerful cleaning system is tough on the dirt but easy on your fabrics.  Our upholstery cleaner can handle your furniture cleaning needs and leave them with no residue, ready to be safely used.
  • Fine Rug Cleaning - Our professional  rug cleaning service provides you with the highest quality Oriental  and Area rug cleaning in Southwestern Pennsylvania 

Your investment in quality rugs can actually last generations when maintained properly.  

Eco Clean Technologies is trained to recognize and clean high-quality and hand-crafted rugs of all kinds, including:

  • Persian
  • Orientals
  • Broadlooms
  • Karastan
  • Wools of New Zealand and more.  (We recommend in-plant cleaning for these.)

We Provide:   

  • State-of-the-Art Cleaning Equipment
  • Rapid 1 Hour Drying Times
  • Allergy Relief Solutions - Guaranteed
  • Professional and IICRC Certified Technicians
  • No Harmful Toxic Chemicals
  • Cleaning Packages that Fit Your Particular Needs
  • A Certificate of Application that can be kept for your documentation that you are complying with provisions of manufacturer's warranty.
  • Responsible Care System - Utilizes an Allergy Relief Treatment on your carpets, mattresses, upholstery, rugs and bedding.  This special safe treatment changes the shape of allergen proteins, making them unrecognizable to the body.  This prevents them from causing an allergic reaction.  Obtain Symptom Relief Immediately! 
                                           Imagine getting a good night's sleep-tonight!
Note:  All of our products are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, dye and perfume free.  They, contain no volatile organic compounds (VOC's), phosphates or other hazardous materials.  Each of our products are recognized as biodegradable and environmentally safe.  Our products are also derived from renewable fruit and seeds of vegetables.
                                     Our Products Are Not Just Effective But Affordable
                                                         So Effective, We Guarantee It!
  • Air Ducts Cleaning System - We utilize the utmost advanced Air Ducts Cleaning System available on the market today.
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning - Increases the efficiency and reduces utility bills

    Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning
  1. Increase Efficiency and Reduce Utility Costs
  2. Annual dryer vent cleaning is an important step a residential or commercial property owner can take to ensure a safe environment for those who live and work within its walls. But its impact extends beyond those walls because it promotes the responsible use of natural resources and reduces the negative consequences of energy waste in the community at large.
  • Pet Odor and Stain Solutions -  We use 2-part process to thoroughly remove pet odors as well as urine stains from your carpet.  This process is much more effective than a home remedy.
  • Professionally-trained technicians
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Customized maintenance programs available
  • Convenient scheduling around your business needs
  • Carpet, upholstery, tile and grout cleaning
  • Fabric cleaning including office furniture, drapery, fabric walls and cubicle dividers

Carpet Tile and Upholstery Maintenance Program - Extend your carpet's life!

Half-Price Rewards Program -  Whenever you get all your wall-to-wall carpets cleaned and have us apply our Maxim Advanced carpet protection to your cleaned carpet, we will clean it again for you in 6 months for 1/2 the cost!



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