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Debt Relief, also known as debt reduction, is the process by which Debt Terminators negotiates and settles a debt for a reduced amount on behalf of a client. The savings from our debt relief program can potentially be sizable versus making your minimum payments, and it is in some cases the fastest and cheapest debt relief, debt help or, debt consolidation option available to our consumers.

If you’re overwhelmed with medical bills, credit cards, repossession balances, or accounts in collections, call for a free consultation:

Debt Terminators Pittsburgh - Eliminate Your Debt in Under 15 minutes!       Stop Your Foreclosure Today!

LET US HELP YOU We combine exceptional customer support with a total mastery of the laws that govern the credit reporting industry. Our approach is carefully designed to deliver a completely personalized package geared toward your personal debt relief needs.  We can stop a Sheriff sale even if it is only minutes away.   So, together we can stop the harassing phone calls with our one and only program that you will see how quickly we terminate your debt.  The first step to relief is to pick up the phone and call us. 

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If you are worried about any of the following. 
We can help!


  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - is when a court-appointed trustee examines your assets in order to determine which assets,  can be liquidated to pay your unsecured creditors at least a portion of the debts owed.   .
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy - is when a company keeps assets and reorganizes your debt in a much more manageable way.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy - is when repayment of all or part of a debtor’s unsecured debt is paid over a three to five year period.
  • Foreclosure - is a legal process by which your  house is sold in order to pay off the mortgage balance owed to its lender. It means that you lose your home along with your good credit rating.
  • Debt - Can weigh you down and cause all kinds of problems in your life.  Consider a  debt removal program in order to give you debt relief as soon as possible!
  • Credit Cards - Can give you bad credit and wreck havoc in your life. 
  • Repossession - It can be very embarrasing to have a company repossess your car or anything else for that matter. 
  • Collections - Once your debt goes into Collection, you may start to get frequent annoying phone calls.
  • Savings - When you are in debt it seems impossible to save money.  Consider seeking help.
  • Medical Bills - Can add up.  Your debt has a way of growing as you probably already know.  
  • Taxes - Definitely something you don't want to tackle alone.   

We are your Pittsburgh debt help company who focuses on helping you to eliminate debt.  Call for your Free Consultation today in order to get started on your debt reduction and begin to eliminate your debt. We combine our exceptional Customer Support with a mastery of laws that govern the Credit Reporting industry.

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