Wow, we had a great time while we celebrated my birthday party here.  Dad and mom had a party in the tent for me and my friends.  My favorite hole was the Nascar one and my brothers was the sig zag.  I asked if we had to wait another year before coming back and they said no.  We can come again in a few weeks.  Can't wait.

Zak M. , Mount Lebanon, PA 15228

We were looking for some family fun time and came to Fitzys Putt N Go to play some miniature golf.  We have 4 kids and they all want a re-play for the title, "Winner".  We all did have a great time and alot of laughs.  We will be back.  You need to get some ribbons for the "Winner's". 

Jon & Helen Z. , Greentree, PA 15220

Fitzy's is alot a fun and a challenging course. I'd recommend it to all my friends Corey, Scott Twp, PA 15220

We brought the family to play miniature golf and I think we had more fun than the kids did. They had fun but, it really brought out the children in my wife and I. We all had a great time. Alex B., Crafton, PA 15205

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