About Us

24-Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week Answering Service
A live operator answers calls with your custom greeting.

Cathedral Answering Services specializes in helping your business offer the best in customer service. We have been operating a professional answering and paging service for more than 45 years.

Our service is to answer your calls quickly, accurately and professionally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and holidays. We give your company the convenience of a full time receptionist without the additional cost of a telephone system, full-time employee, lunch breaks and benefits. We customize your account where our operators answer in your company's name and have your company's information. Your customers may never know they are talking to a service. We become your extended office allowing you to expand your business while saving your money.

Our Services

Answering Service
Answering Service combined with Full Message Paging
Courteous and Polite Receptionists
We answer in your company Name
Receptionist has a full screen profile of your business
Daily fax printout of messages available
24 hours, 7 days a week service
Calls not put on hold to take another incoming call
Toll-free call forwarding

Voice Mail
Calls taken by an operator can be recorded into a voice mailbox, which can notify you that messages are waiting. You can also call any time to retrieve your messages.

This service also allows:
Flexible answering options
Personalized Pre Operator Greetings
Automated Wake-up and Reminders
Client Programmable

Wake-Up Service
Have trouble waking up or getting to work on time? Cathedral Answering Service's reliable telephone service agents will call you at a designated time to help you get back where you need to be on time.
This service can also be automated with your phone through our Voice Mail System.

Confidential Call Forwarding
Customers can use a new private, dedicated telephone number provided by Cathedral Answering Service as their own number and have those calls forwarded to their existing number, keeping their original number confidential. This avoids the cost of buying a separate telephone through their phone company.

Temporary Daily Coverage
Calls can be transferred to us temporarily during the day for any reason. Perfect for lunch hour and staff meetings. No matter what the occasion, you are covered with a live operator.

After-Hours Emergency Calls/Call Screening
You can develop a procedure designed for your needs. We can screen your after-hours calls so that only emergencies are forwarded (paged, patched, call home number, ect.)

800 Numbers
Allow Cathedral Answering Service to increase your businesses marketing presence with an 1-800 number. We can usually set you up on the same day with a Toll-Free number for a cost lower than any phone company can offer or match.



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