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"I priced a few different cash-for-service clinics to get some vaccinations and PassportHealth was either about the same or a bit lower than others. The appointment was quick and convenient. The nurse administering the vaccinations was professional, informative, and pleasant. It was nice to go somewhere with the focused purpose of giving travel vaccinations without have to deal with the potential chaos of general purpose medical clinics. No matter where you go, make sure to do your own research ahead of time to make good decisions regarding optional vaccinations."

Tim, Baltimore, MD

"I was pleasantly surprised today! This was my first encounter with Passport Health and it was wonderful. Nurse McCarthy was professional, yet friendly. We were so impressed with the instructional materials and the availability of miscellaneous travel supplies. She was so knowledgeable and able to answer all of our questions. I never felt pressured to purchase any extras - but wanted to and did! We will definitely use your services again."

Dawn, Newark, DE

"I visited passport health before a trip to Panama. The nurse was very attentive and had materials prepared for us before our appointment. She mentioned a number of additional add-ons we could purchase, but did not pressure us to buy. Overall the appointment took about an hour for me and my husband. They had fair prices, but do not accept any health insurance. I would recommend making the appointment a week in advance. Overall, I would definitely visit here again."

Piper , Baltimore, MD

"I was able to get a same day appointment, something I never expected, but was very happy to accept. The staff was knowledgeable and very friendly, and the office itself was very clean and wonderfully decorated. I would be willing to pay more for this experience than going to the Health Department and waiting forever in not nearly as nice of a setting."

Anna, Tampa, FL

"I was so impressed by all the services and information that the clinic offers. I thought that my appointment would just be the person telling me about what vaccinations I need which I do not need. Instead, they gave me information about visas and traveling and other tips. It was great. I will definetly reccomend this service to others!"

Kristen, Brooklyn, NY

"Review Text- I don't like going to the doctor's office or getting shots (but who does!). However, it was a relaxed enviroment and the nurse made me feel comfortable. I didn't feel as nervous or anxious as I was expecting to feel. It was also great to get a lot of information about where I'm going and such."

Jen, Columbia, MD

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