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Learn the Top 3 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Company. 

If you want to make your Dream a Reality make sure you hire the right person to do the job!

The Top 3 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Company

2012-02-24 12:12:10

1)  Make sure you ask the experts for a complimentary written estimate for the work you want done.
2)  Make sure before you hire a company for the project that they are licensed and insured.
3)  Ask the professionals about different types of cabinetry and hardware.
There can be a number of important reasons why you will choose to reface your existing kitchen cabinets.  One of the most popular reasons is to modernize your kitchen.  It is so much more economical than replacing all of your kitchen cabinetry.
Remember refacing also adds value to your home. Painting, laminating, changing hardware or replacing cabinet doors are great refacing options.  More often than not, many do choose to hire a Professional with experience.  If you are lacking time, patience or the desire to attempt refacing your kitchen cabinets, a good option is to hire the right person to get the job done right!

Want New Kitchen Cabinets But Can't Get Your Better Half to Agree?

2012-03-26 13:41:25

What Attractive Kitchen Cabinets Can Accomplish:  

1.  When it's time to sell your home, potential buyers see your kitchen as as one of the most important features in your home.  If you have a dream kitchen, then selling your home just may end up being easy.  Your house can actually have a better chance of selling faster instead of lingering on the Multi-List.

2.  If your kitchen happens to be the very first room people see as they enter your home, it can give a great first impression.  Beautiful looking cabinets add a certain richness to your home.

3.  Cooking can become easy and fun whenever your kitchen is pleasant and attractive.  It may actually keep you both at home more and have you start saving money since you won't be eating at restaurants as much.    

4. A beautiful kitchen can give you the motivation you need to start entertaining more

5.  Your new cabinets will be alot quieter too. No more early morning kitchen sounds to wake up the whole household.  

More good news!  Sure -- new kitchen cabinets are an investment.  Why not consider refacing cabinets instead? Franklin Restoration uses quality materials and offers their clients an affordable price.  Here at Franklin Restoration we believe in customer satisfaction not only on our work but on our price as well.  

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