We stayed at Log Cabin Lodge for a weekend with our kids.  Our son 21 and daughter 18 came back from college so we went as a family and stayed there for the weekend.  We had so much fun!  We loved the pool table and fantastic bar.  We enjoyed all the different events in that area and had such a great family time.

Definately a great place, great service and one fantastic weekend.

John & Mary T, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

We had a four couples with us and stayed in suite 31! It was incredible. We had a blast. Everything we could have wanted was provided. We had a foosball table, ping pong table and more! The local attractions were great and if you have some couples that just want to get away or you have a big family this is the place to go. We absolutely loved it!

Ahlana H, Butler, PA 16001

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