Wow!  What a great time my family of 5 had at Living Treasures.  We just got home and they are making the plans to go back for October.  They want to do the night of safari on a horse drawn wagon in the dark of the night.  We read we can walk through the park at night with torch lit walkways.  We plan on bringing our flashlights too!  This was so much better than the zoo.  We really enjoyed it and will probably be regulars now.

Patty H., Pittsburgh, PA 15220

We have 3 children and really enjoyed our visit for the day at Living Treasures, Laurel Highlands.  The kids really had a ball in the petting zoo.  They were so excited they ran from one animal to another. They really liked the personal contact, lick in the face, for one.  I enjoyed the gift shop and the beautiful animals.  My pictures turned out terrific and one was even shot up side down.  We all had such a good time, we hated leaving.

Henry G., Greensburg, PA 15601

My 4 children are already starting to bug me about going up to the petting zoo and ride the camel. They love Living Treasures and so do we. My wife and I bring the kids up every year. The kids love the pony rides and I love the alligators. There is something for all the tastes in our family. One of our kids love the monkeys in the cage and the other loves the petting zoo. But, I have to admit I like to sit down and do the safari ride after a few hours of visiting then I'm ready to go again. We love it here. Henry W., Scott Township, PA 15220

We are coming up as soon as you open. Our family loves the alligators and monkeys. Of course we all have our favorites. Saw your sight here today and wanted to let you know 3 kids and John & I will be there April 6, See ya. Shelly P. , New Castle, PA 16102

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