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Welcome to Living Treasures Donegal, a place to take a walk on the wild side and visit our new lion cubs,  and others in our baby boom in Donegal. Remember to bring your camera and visit our new lion cubs, take a walk through our petting zoo, and enjoy a pony ride.  While you are here, make sure you see our white tiger, say hello to the zebra's, and enjoy over 100 species of animals from 6 continents.  Living Treasures is a wonderful family experience!   If you are looking for an up-close and personal animal experience, you're in the right place.  You can get face to face with the animals and contact and feeding the animals is encouraged. 

Living Treasures Donegal is happy to welcome the newest additions to our family, our new lion cubs!  Our lion cubs, born on January 14, 2013 right here at Living Treasures Donegal, are now coming out of the den to meet you, their new friends!  These lion cubs are the babies of Living Treasures Donegal's own super couple, Thunder and Nivana.  You can find our new stars in their brand new glass-front exhibit.

At Living Treasures Donegal, our large petting zoo is the thrill of the day for our young and "young at heart" guests.  You will find yourself face to face with all types of animals for interaction that you just cannot have at other zoos.  We encourage you to bring your camera for some once in a lifetime photos that you will cherish forever.

Make sure to stop and visit our monkeys, and let's monkey around for a while.   Our monkeys are fun to watch and imitate.  Do they imitate us? Or do we imitate them?

Take a walk on the exotic side with a camel and camel ride.  It is a rare experience and one that you will never forget.

There are several species of birds, primates, reptiles, big cats and more to be discovered at Living Treasures in Donegal!  Our feature exhibits include a rare white tiger, "laughing" hyenas, nearly extinct Barbary lions, and large alligators.  

We also offer a very large gift shop and other special attractions and rides.

Come to Living Treasures Donegal and prepare to have your heart stolen by macaws, reptiles, zebras, camels, reindeer, snakes, ponies, hyenas, and a wide variety of birds. Our "Special Friends" are waiting for you.

Living Treasures Donegal, PA has a Commitment to the Animals:

  • All of our animals are provided with quality nutrition and health care programs and a clean facility.
  • Our animals are provided with more than double the space required by the Department of Agriculture.
  • We provide a sanctuary for all animals at all times.  So, when they come to you, it is because they want to.
  • We reserve the right to dismiss from the park or refuse admission to any person who, in our opinion, poses a threat to the well-being of our animals.

Our Services

Feed the Monkeys and Bears - Come and see how you can feed big bears!  You can also easily feed the smaller animals by hand, animals like cows, goats, kangaroos and miniature horses.  Children love the interaction between themselves and all the animal friends they make.  The kids pick their favorites and look forward to coming back again and again to visit their new friends.

Pony Rides - Our Beautiful Ponies are waiting here for you!  Our ponies love the attention from the kids and look forward to you riding them.  Our Draft horses are ready to ride also.

Lion Cubs - New lion cubs born on January 14, 2013 are here for you to visit and fall in love with.  Also take a moment to say hello to the proud parents, Thunder and Nivana.  The family loves to have their picture taken.

Wild Animal Park - Get up close and personal with our kid-friendly animals.  Here they will experience a thrill of a lifetime.  Feeling those little tongues brush against their hands and the nudge from their heads to feed them more.

Macaw - Take a moment to chat with such a beautifully colorful and smart bird!  A Macaw can live to be 30-80 years old. 

White Tiger - So beautiful and so special.  And you can meet this wonder up-close and personal.

October Nights:
Night at the Zoo - Take a walk in the dark with torch lit walkways during the month of October from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm Thursday thru Saturdays.  Spot the "Glowing Eyes" of the Alligators and Tigers as you walk through the walkways.  Night at the Zoo is probably the only opportunity most people will ever have to observe the wild and interesting behaviors of the wild animals at night. (Last guests are admitted at 10:00 pm)

Get your Pumpkins, Indian Corn and Corn Stalks all for reasonable prices in our "Pumpkin Patch".  Just watch out for the glowing eyes of the animals as you walk past them.  They are real!

At Living Treasures Donegal We Have:

  • Large Gift Shop Loaded with Treasures
  • Special Rides and Attractions
  • Group Rates Available for Field Trips or for Parties of 20 or More People!
  • FREE Parking
  • Picnic Area Available
  • Hidden Treasures in our Mining Sluice
  • Season Passes
  • Refreshments Available
  • Handicap Accessibility
  • Log Cabin and Suites for Convenient Lodging

Come visit Living Treasures Donegal to see Our lion family, macaw, reptiles, zebra, camel, monkeys,  reindeer, snakes, pony ride, petting zoo, hyenas, gift shop and aviary today!  Our "Special Friends" are waiting for you...

Admission Rates Are:

  • Adults 12 and Over - $10.99
  • Children 3 - 11 Years of Age - $7.99
  • Seniors 62 and Over - $8.99
  • Children 2 and Under - FREE
  • Make Living Treasures a regular family outing, Season Passes are available - $29.99 for Adults and $24.99 for Children 3-11 Years of Age. Under 2 - FREE
  • Group rates are available for field trips or for parties of 20 or more.                                  



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