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"Had a very good exeperience with your people, answered all my questions and gave me a very informative booklet about each of the countries/areas my husband & I were going to visit. Would definitely use again if necessary."

Paula, Columbia, MD

"I am the mother of a young college student who is going away for the first time to a foreign country. Even through others are going (Teacher, students, etc.), I feel more at ease that we have done all we can do to prepare him for a safe trip and return."

Carlene, Dover, DE

"Doreen Villanueva is awesome! Thank you so much for being professional, proficient, and polite, Doreen - you are appreciated! I wish there were more service representatives out there like you - the world would be a much better place :) I hope you can get out of that office soon and do some travelling yourself!"

Timothy, Tampa, FL

"I enjoyed my visit to Passport Health to get the necessary immunizations for my trip to Kenya. It was personal, timely, and clean environment. I do recommend it to others needing the same service."

Patty, BelAir, MD

"Gail Gray(Wilmington) was very knowledgeable and thorough. The itinerary booklet she prepared was extremely helpful and comprehensive. Our discussion of preventive measures covered everything we need to know to have a safe and healthy trip. And, we are getting the recommended shots to ensure just that!"

Linda, Wilmington, DE

"The nurse's thorough explanation of the recommended vaccines for the different countries I was planning to visit made me feel comfortable with her guidance. Also, her friendly and calming assistance when I came close to passing our after receiving my shots had a huge impact on my overall positive assessment of the clinic. I would recommend this clinic to anyone traveling to countries where vaccines are necessary."

Wendi, Tampa, FL

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