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Direct Jewelry Outlet Buys Gold in Beavercreek, near Dayton, Ohio and is a full-service jewelry store providing you with a wide selection of quality certified diamonds, 14K gold, and silver jewelry.  Why go somewhere else to see diamonds and gem jewelry, when Direct Jewelry Outlet buys all our jewelry for all our stores located in 5 states and you can buy at discounted, affordable prices!  Since 2007, Direct Jewelry Outlet Buy Gold of Beavercreek near Dayton, OH has been offering the best quality jewelry to suit your particular needs. We also offer estate jewelry. We provide quality on-site jewelry repair service with a fast turnaround.  Do you have a couple old broken 14K gold necklaces?  Come on in and we can repair them, or if you like pay we can pay cash for gold.

Our jewelry catalog offers a wide selection of our fine jewelry.  At Direct Jewelry Outlet Buy Gold your satisfaction is guaranteed!  Direct Jewelry Outlet near Dayton, OH sells fine quality 14K gold as well as diamonds along with gemstone jewelry all at the lowest possible price. Direct Jewelry Outlet offers you, the consumer the very best jewelry products at the very best prices.  Visit us and see for yourself!

A number of stores within the area, particularly those located in the mall, create an illusion of savings by promoting occasional percentage-off sales.  But their everyday prices are actually inflated.  This happens so they can mark the price down a bit lower which causes you, the consumer, to believe you have found a bargain.

   Our daily prices, beat our competitors' sale prices EVERY SINGLE DAY! 

Why even consider buying elsewhere?   Don't be fooled by the illusion of a sale.  Come in a visit us and see for yourself the beauty of diamonds and gem jewelry at an affordable price. We never inflate a our prices.

Direct Jewelry Outlet opened in 1925.  In the past we sold our merchandise to women's stores and gift shoppes in 14 states.  These retail stores, in turn, sold our fine jewelry to you.   Now, you can purchase your jewelry DIRECTLY from Direct Jewelry Outlet Buy Gold at any of our stores located in 5 states. We  buy quality jewelry directly from the manufacturer and sell it directly to you at discounted prices. The result is the lowest, best-possible price on fine jewelry!


Direct Jewelry Outlet Buy Gold in Beavercreek near Dayton,OH is not just another jewelry store.  We revolutionized the sale of jewelry.  Visit our store.  Compare us to all the rest.  Nobody prices fine jewelry better than we do!  We buy quality jewelry for all of our stores located in 5 states, then sell it to you at discounted prices.  We offer one of the largest collections of fine jewelry in the United Sates. 

Our Everyday Diamond and Fine Jewelry Prices Beat Our Competitors Sale Price Every Single Day so Shop, Compare and Save at Direct Jewelry Outlet in Beavercreek.


Our Services

Direct Jewelry Outlet - Gold, Silver &  Platinum Buyer

Jewelry Catalog Ordering is Available (showcasing a wide selection of fine jewelry) 

Jewelry Repair - Direct Jewelry Outlet are Experts at Jewelry Repair and you can save 25% on your repair today.     

Ring Resizing - Save 50% Today on all ring sizing.

Direct Jewelry Outlet Buys Gold 14 K Gold and We Buy Silver.  Who Buys Gold in Beavercreek?  Direct Jewelry Outlet buys gold in Beaverecreek with the best price!

Engagement Rings - Did you find someone special and need an engagement ring?  Come see our certified diamonds and engagement rings. We have certified diamonds in our engagement rings in Beavercreek.

Bridal Jewelry - If you are looking for gifts for your bridal party we have some great ideas for the bridesmaids and all the wedding party.  Come and see our Bridal Jewelry today.

Diamonds - Certified Diamonds - Certified Diamonds are Graded on Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat weight.  Diamonds comes in different shapes, Round, Princess, Marquise, Heart, Oval, Pear and Emerald.

Diamond Ring - Oval, Marquise, Princess, Emerald, Round, Pear, Trillion & Heart Shaped

Fine Jewelry - We have stores in 5 states and buy in large volume so we can pass the savings onto you.

Estate Jewelry - Our Estate Jewelry is beautiful.  Come in and visit us.

Gold Bullion - We Buy Gold.  If you have broken 14K gold necklaces, or old wedding rings that you do not wear anymore, bring them in for money today because we buy gold.

Silver - Direct Jewelry Outlet Buys Silver.

Precious Metals and Diamonds - We Buy Precious Metals and Diamonds

Pearl Restringing

Jewelry Repairs - Direct Jewelry Outlet Buy Gold Beavercreek uses a Laser Welder     Under a Microscope.

Catalog Ordering Jewlry is Available from Direct Jewelry Outlet in Beavercreek near Dayton, OH (showcasing a wide selection of fine jewelry)  Stop in at the Store to View The Wonderful Jewelry Selection in Our Catalogs.

All we ask you to do is Shop, Compare and SAVE by comparing our quality, fine jewelry that Nobody Prices Better than we do.  Call: 937-427-5850



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