I've never been happier with a purchase.  Beavercreek has helped me make the right choices through the years.  I highly recommend them as the perfect place to get just the right piece of jewelry!

Janey S., Riverside, OH 45431

I personally would never even think of dealing with any other Jeweler.  Beavercreek is very trustworthy and my whole family have been customers through many occasions and holidays throughout the years. 

Robbie S., West Carrollton, OH 45439

Back when we were still just dating my husband got me a beautiful Akoyo pearl necklace one Christmas. Evidently, you're supposed to get pearls re-strung periodically as part of their care and maintenance. (Who knew?) Well, the original silk strand that my pearls were on broke (thank God for the knotting in between pearls!), so I had no choice but to get them re-strung. I found Beavercreek Jewelers after some googling, and brought my pearls in. Several days and $25 later, my necklace was just like new! The people there were friendly and helpful, and the business is even BBB Accredited. I'd definitely go back the next time I need jewelry repaired.

Elaine M., Alexandria, VA 22303

PHENOMENAL is the only word that describes the quality of work that Ray did for me!! The ring that he did for me is AWESOME. I will never go to another Jeweler again!!

Pam, Dayton, OH 45402

I have had alot of work done by Ray, all of the work has been perfect, I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Sherri, Xenia, OH 45385

Absolutely The Best in The Business! I have done alot of business with Jewelers in my life but Beavercreek Jewelers is The Very Best in The World! If They Don't have what I want they will make it for me. And their prices are incredible also! You just can't find any better than Beavercreek Jewelers anywhere! I not only swear by them but I recommend all my friends and family to them also! Suellen, Beavercreek, Ohio 45430

Little did I know the real difference in customer service between the big jewelry stores who are only hungry for your money, and the true passion and care from Beavercreek Jewelers. You have won my business and I will always be back! Terry, Fairborn 45324

Thank for all the wonderful assistance, as we picked out the engagement and wedding rings. Everyone is friendly and so willing to accommodate our wants anytime we stop in. I understand why Beavercreek Jewelers is so recommended. Staci, Wilmington 45177

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