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Today, choosing the right telecommunications system for your company is more difficult than ever. Making the smart choice means finding a manufacturer that you can trust, a system that you can depend on to meet your changing needs and a vendor that you can rely and depend on to ensure that the project is done right and on time.

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Advanced Digital Speakerphones

Intuitive buttons and features are designed to make your telephone an extension of how you work. Pure digital clarity is a Toshiba trademark whether youre using the handset or the speakerphone. The ability to program functions makes accessing features as easy as pushing a button.

Digital Display Speakerphones

For busier call environments, choose a Toshiba Digital Display Speakerphone, giving you a mini-command center right on your telephones large, easy-read display. Youll not only have easy access to an extensive feature set for taking, saving, forwarding, and managing your calls, but you will work smarter, minimize training time, and dramatically enhance productivity.

Toshiba Digital Business Telephones Are Available With:

  • Easy to read LCD screens, that display feature-prompting information
  • Sleek low profile design and unique tilt-base for versatile phone placement
  • Off-hook call announce through headset and/or speaker (optional)
  • Integrated headset interface
  • Programmable one-touch buttons that save time and give you faster access to advanced calling functions

Toshiba Digital Telephones Helping You Communicate Better
Toshiba digital speakerphones are designed to give you plenty of options and features. So your business telephone equipment adapts to you, not the other way around.

Toshiba Voice Processing Systems
Toshibas voice processing systems work with Strata CIX IP business communication systems to turn sophisticated applications into practical solutions.

Toshibas voice processing applications help you improve customer service by providing callers with instant attention, responsiveness, and access to information.

Strata CIX voice mail systems handle all the basics including Automated Attendant, Call Routing, Telephone Answering, Voice Messaging, Audiotext, Call Screening, Message Notification, LCD feature prompting with Soft Key Operation, Call Recording, Networking, and more.

Basic feature description Available on all systems

  • Automated Attendant streamlines operational efficiency by enabling callers to route their own calls and leave messages without receptionist assistance.
  • Call Routing sends callers to the specific extension or department they want. Callers can easily find a persons extension by using the company directory feature.
  • Telephone Answering offers callers the choice of leaving a message, calling another extension, holding, or being transferred to an operator for assistance.
  • Voice Messaging creates, sends, receives, forwards, and saves voice messages. Users can manage voice messages with ease by simply pressing specific telephone keys.
  • Audiotext enables callers to play pre-recorded information on demand as directed by audio prompts. Its an easy way to answer customers most frequently asked questions.
  • Call Screening requests caller to state their name and company, and announces the calling party by playing the recording to the station user, who can accept or re-route the call.
  • Message Notification lets users know when a voice message arrives by any combination of lighting a message waiting light, pager, or calling a home phone, cellular phone, or any off-premise location.
  • Call Recording -Simplify voice mailbox operation through a Toshiba IP or digital telephone with LCD display and soft keys Record calls directly into your voice mailbox with a single button on your telephone.

Advanced Features Available on select systems

  • Unified Messaging allows you to access all your critical communications from a single screen, including voice, e-mail, and fax messages. Conveniently retrieve and send voice, fax, and e-mail messages from within your e-mail client inbox screen. You can even retrieve Stratagy voice and fax messages via the Internet from any e-mail service that supports SMTP and IMAP4 protocols.

    Unified Messaging gives you the power to consolidate all types of communications and manage more messages in less time. Play voice messages through your PC speakers or through your handset for privacy. Display and print a fax on your screen. Forward voice or fax messages as WAV or TIF files to any e-mail address.

    You can also easily manage voice, fax, and e-mail messages via telephone a must for employees when they dont have computer access.

  • Fax Applications stores inbound faxes in your mailbox and allows them to be printed, forwarded, or displayed on your PC screen. When combined with Unified Messaging, fax messages can also appear in your e-mail inbox. Fax On Demand and Fax Back enables users to receive brochures, price lists, or other printed information from the Stratagy system.

    Ideal for traveling employees, Fax Mail lets the user transmit faxes left in their mailbox to a portable computer fax device or hotel fax machine for printing. You can even add voice comments to a fax. As a result, youll open up a world of unprecedented communication opportunities.

  • Text-To-Speech capability gives traveling employees easy access to e-mail when they dont have access to your computer system or the Internet. This feature also makes it easy to forward or reply to e-mail messages all remotely via any telephone. With Text-To-Speech at their fingertips, your employees can obtain their e-mail messages anywhere, anytime. That gives them the power to stay productive, make instant decisions and immediately react to urgent business opportunities.

  • Speech Recognition processes commands from the callers voice, making communication easy and intuitive. Using simple spoken responses, callers can quickly access product information or a specific persons extension from the Stratagy ES system. Plus, employees who are out of the office can call in, then simply speak a command to access their voice mailbox. With these capabilities, Speech Recognition helps maximize the ease and effectiveness of both incoming customer calls and internal employee calls, while projecting an innovative image for your company.

  • Interactive Voice Response enables Toshiba Authorized Software Developers to create custom IVR applications. A developer works directly with the customer to determine their exact IVR application needs. An IVR application can relay specific computer database information to callers over the telephone based on an individuals unique input from a touchtone telephone dial pad. Information received from the database can be spoken back to the caller in a number of different ways, such as date, time, dollars and cents, numbers, or predetermined phrases.

  • Token Programming- Customize voice processing functions using Stratagys Token Programming, a powerful yet simple scripting language. Tokens can add or enhance voice mail features and functions such as recording and playback, audio files, or using DTMF entries by callers to provide data response or special call routing. Tokens can perform functions as simple as a hook-fl ash, and as complicated as an IVR application, specific to your needs. Token Programming is developed and deployed by Authorized Toshiba Dealers.



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