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Thank you for visiting Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Long Island.  We are Long Islands full service outdoor lighting leader in design, installation, and service.  We offer top quality, American made landscape and architectural lighting systems.  From Montauk to Great Neck we have over 1,000 customers enjoying their outdoor living, while making their homes or business look more beautiful and safe at night.  Take a look at some of our Long Island homes and our you tube video on this page.  Our homes clearly stand out from our competitors.

Outdoor lighting systems are all that we do.  We are not about fixtures; we are about a design and effect. We partner with some of the best Landscapers, Architects and Contractors to have their work shine after the sun goes down.  We offer both residential and commercial landscape lighting solutions.  We are not your typical contractor; we are a family owned business that cares about our customers. We have a team of professional lighting designers who can set up a lighting design at your home or business based on your needs and budget.  We focus on customer satisfaction, which is an integral part of our business success.  We are also proud long term members of the Better Business Bureau and have never had a complaint.

Our goal is providing the best lighting design; with the highest quality products while making your home or business improvement project a pleasant and rewarding experience.  Our free night time consultation allows you to see the effect of our outdoor lighting in different areas of your home or business.  The OLP installation team will treat your property as if it were their own.  We include a state of the art timing system with every new installation.  Our Lighting Control automation (LCA) will address all of your indoor and outdoor lighting needs now and in the future.   As outdoor lighting companies come and go we are here to stay, offering an outstanding product warranty and ongoing maintenance agreements.  Plus we are always looking for new ways that set your home apart from all others.

So, whether you are interested in lighting up a walkway or driveway, garden lights, lighting around the pool, patio, deck, flag or fountain we can help.  Maybe you have an old outdoor lighting system that needs updating?  Unlike other systems we are power efficient which costs pennies a day to operate.  Call us today to arrange a free design consultation, or fill out the form below and we will contact you.

Best regards, we look forward to working with you!

Dennis & Amy Dowling 

Our Services

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we are more than passionate about ensuring you can continue to enjoy the perfect illumination of your home and outdoor living spaces. Months or years after your outdoor lighting installation, we want your lighting to look as stunning as it did the first time you saw your home magically light up at night.
We service all lighting systems. Whether your system is from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (OLP) or any other company, we service them all. Your local OLP lighting specialist team has highly trained expert lighting specialists to do anything from replacing bulbs to tightening or re-burying wires, checking your transformers and even pruning some of your shrubs, if necessary, to ensure the perfect illumination of your homes best architectural and landscape features.

As a service, we offer a free nighttime design consultation and lighting demonstration to everyone interested in purchasing outdoor lighting, as well as to homeowners considering improving their existing lighting system, even if you did not purchase from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.
No other outdoor lighting Annual Maintenance Plan is as thorough as our Annual Maintenance Plan. On an annual basis, we replace all bulbs, repair any damaged wire, straighten fixtures, inspect the transformer, reset or check the timer and perform simple changes to enhance the effects of your lighting. Throughout the year, you receive priority response and repairs at no charge. Your lighting system remains headache-free and operating beautifully.

Our innovative Lighting Control Automation  (LCA) technology represents innovative effortless control of your homes indoor and outdoor lighting and other powered features. The smart timer adjusts automatically to illuminate selected lights every evening at dusk and can operate more than one transformer, extending your control to both indoor and outdoor lights and more. Perhaps best of all, you never have to be present for service calls. Using a laptop computer, we can turn your system on or off without requiring access to your garage or basement.

Outdoor Lighting and Landscape Lighting

Our all American-made exterior light fixtures are handcrafted with corrosion resistant copper, brushed nickel and cast brass to add top performance, richness and beauty to your landscape lighting design. Not only do we use superior deck lights, flood lights, path lights, pond lights, post lights, well lights and bollard lights, we also know how to get the greatest and most artistic light span from each.

LED Outdoor Lighting

We are now offering new LED landscape lights that use 80% less energy and will last around 50,000 hours.  The bulbs themselves have between a 3 to 5 year warranty. 

Retro Fit Existing Landscape Lighting To LED

With our new LED retro fit lights we can change your existing landscape lighting fixtures into a new look high power, low wattage energy efficient LED landscape light.   We can replace par36, mr-16, bi pin, bayonet based, and wedge based halogen lights.

Lighting Maintenance
To keep your outdoor lights looking as beautiful as the day they were first installed, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers an Annual Maintenance Plan to ensure optimal performance. We will visit your home each year to replace all bulbs, straighten all exterior light fixtures as needed, cover any exposed wire, and check your outdoor lights transformer and connections. We will even selectively relocate exterior lighting fixtures due to overgrowth .of your landscaping.

Lighting Automation

Developed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, Lighting Control Automation  (LCA) is the ultimate in comfort, convenience, safety and security for your entire residence. Light up the whole house when someone returns home at night, make sure your garage door never stays open all night, provide an emergency all on button in your bedroom, dim the babys light very slowly to avoid night fright and encourage sleep. Your Outdoor Lighting Perspectives design consultant can describe these and many other opportunities to make your life easier

Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Trust the leaders in residential lighting to provide industry-best commercial landscape lighting as well. We handle every facet of the process from attention getting design to higher grade fixtures, expert installation to worry free maintenance. Expect stunning illuminations for outdoor restaurants and patios, business facades, development entrances, signage and more.


Our guarantees are the best in the industry: fixtures, lens covers and wires for ten years, bulbs for up to a year and transformers for life.



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