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Just Shades in New York provides one of the largest selections of Ready Made Shades! 

Just Shades has been a staple in the lighting industry for nearly 40 years.

Just Shades New York offers a vast selection including Bell, Oval, Bouillotte, Drum, Square, Rectangle, Chandelier Shapes and more!  Our shades are created from paper, linen, pure and synthetic silk, sheepskin and mica.

Just Shades offers custom work catering to the trade as well as to retail customers.  We are able to cover an existing shade or professionally customize a size.

                                                                                             Custom Orders from Just Shades

Do you have an unusal frame that you are unable to discard?  We can cover it again for you!  Have a terrific idea?  We'll create it  from scratch in any size or any shape!  Throughout the past 40 some years we have made shades ranging from 4 inches to 8 feet.

Select from our wide range of more than 300 papers and fabric or bring in your very own fabric.  Our customers includes designers and architects, restaurants and hotels, film and theater industries, along with retail.

Our shades are one-of-a-kind custom shades.  We can re-create a shade for you utilizing your own personal fabric and accessories -- or you can choose from our extensive selection of fabric.

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Our Services

Our shades are available in soft-sided or hard-backed forms.  A soft-sided shade is a more traditional look with fabric on the outside of the shade and lining on the inside of the fabric.  Soft-sided shades are either pleated or stretched.

A hard-backed shade is either paper or fabric that is laminated or backed onto a card. Hard-backed shades are used more often in modern settings.

Here Are Just a Few Examples of our Shades: 

Types of Shades

  • Bell - Available in a variety of Bell Soft-Sided Lamp Shades.
  • Oval - Available in a variety of Oval Lamp Shades in Cut Corner Oval, French Oval, and Bell Oval styles.
  • Bouillotte - Developed in the 19th Century.
  • Drum - Most popular colors are White Parchment, Off-White (Vanilla), Cream, Black.
  • Square - Available in Tapered, Flared, Pyramid, Mica, Drumpire, Cube, and Cut Corner styles.   
  • Rectangle - Available in a variety of Rectangle Lamp Shades in Bell Rectangle, Tapered Rectangle, and Boxed Square Rectangle styles.
  • Coolie - Are available in popular sizes.
  • Empire - Tie your rooms together in your home with quality shades.
  • String - Let your own creativity soar
  • Chandelier - Choose sophistication to enhance a room
  • Lamp Finials - Add a personality to your lamps!

Contact us for all of our available colors and sizes. 

Ask About Our Custom Hand Painted Shades!



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