I was really suffering from a bunion and very embarrassed by it.  Thank you for the great job you did on my foot and the excellent foot care you gave me.  My shoes now fit properly and I can show my feet at the beach again.  I suffered with the discomfort till I could not stand it any longer.  My advice is not to wait like I did and suffer.  The Gramercy Park Podiatry is the one I recommend to anyone with foot pain or foot problems. 

, NYC, NY 10017

Thank you for fixing an embarrassing foot problem I had with nail fungus.  I was so-o-o embarrassed to go swimming because of the toenail fungus.  The podiatrist at Gramercy Park Podiatry really fixed me up with the new Laser Fungus Remover.  It really worked and now I show my feet.  Being a guy I could not paint them like girls do but, now I feel really good about myself.  No more toenail fungus! Thanks

Cliff S. , New York, NY 10010

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